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Kwibuka24: Genitalia of Over 9,000 genocide survivors Damaged Completely by Interahamwe Militia

by KT Press Staff Writer
9:09 pm

Silas Ntamfurayishyari (c) a former FAR soldier breaks down while recounting how he rebelled against his superiors to help Tutsi escape. #Kwibuka23 at Ntarama Genocide memorial, Bugesera District. At the same district, a shocking revelation was made on May 13, 2018 on how Interahamwe cut sexual organs of thousands Tutsi.

Thousands of genocide survivors have no genitalia as they were cut off or damaged completely during the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi, it was announced on Sunday.

From 309,368 survivors, 42% are males. But among these males, numbering 129,934 – several of them do not have genitalia, according to Dr Jean Damascene Bizimana, executive secretary of the national commission for the fight against genocide (CNLG).

He says genitalia of some males had been seriously damaged by militias and doctors had to decide to remove the parts to save the patients.

“Imagine the barbarity that the interahamwe inflicted on these innocent people who are now left with lifelong pain of having no genitalia,” he said at a genocide commemoration event in Bugesera district.

Dr Jean Damascene Bizimana(Middle). the executive secretary of CNLG during Kwibuka24 event in Bugesera, May 13

Gruesome acts were conducted by the interahamwe on the women. In many cases, due to gang rape, sexual organs were damaged – leaving many with no chances of having children. In many others, sticks were shoved into their bodies.

The event today in Bugesera was organized to commemorate women and children killed. The women were targeted supposedly to stop the birth of any more Tutsis, whereas killing the children was to end the generation.

The commission also says 6,321 female genocide survivors were infected with HIV/AIDS.

A census done in 2012 and published in 2014 found a total of 1,074,057 genocide victims.

In the village where the commemoration event was held today, there were about 10,000 Tutsis – but only 70 survived, according to official statistics.