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Nigeria Sends Lecturers to Rwanda

by Williams Buningwire
4:57 pm

The University of Rwanda leaders and Nigerian senior lecturers pause for a group photo

The University of Rwanda is looking to cut back on the budget for lecturers’ recruitment in the next two years following a new partnership with the government of Nigeria.

On May 21, the second batch of Senior lecturers from Nigeria arrived in Rwanda to offer skills in faculties that have big gaps, yet are Rwanda’s priority.

The 20 lecturers, all PhD holders will teach in the faculties of Medicine, Civil-engineering, Journalism, economics, architecture and others under the Nigeria cooperation fund (NTCF).

The cooperation aims at Integrating Africa and supporting growth and development.

Michael Karangwa, the spokesperson of the University of Rwanda told KT Press, that the partnership is open ended while lecturers do a rotation of two years.

“That means that at least we will not be recruiting a given number of lecturers for the next two years, which is very important in terms of trimming the budget,” Karangwa said.

“They are lecturers in faculties that are normally very expensive in terms of staff, yet are key for our country’s development.”

In this partnership, the University of Rwanda has a responsibility of offering shelter for the lecturers and transportation to and from work, while Nigeria will the salaries.

Phil Cotton shows the Nigerian lecturers the UR flag

On average, an expatriate university senior lecturer can earn $2000 at UR, which means that the new partnership would help the university to save at least $ 40,000 on monthly basis.

“These expatriates will help students to obtain different skills and share international knowledge and Technical know-how,” UR Deputy Vice-Chancellor in charge of Institutional Advancement, Amb.  Charles Murigande told KT Press.

The UR Vice-Chancellor Prof. Philip Cotton said; “I have a very big trust from each of you, given the way you have been described by your government and employers,” Cotton said.

“Most of the students in this university are sponsored by the government because of their outstanding performances from their previous levels of education. They are brilliant and easy to shape and develop their lives by mentoring, lecturing and guiding them” Cotton noted.

Nigerian Ambassador to Rwanda Adam Onoze Shuaibi welcomed the lecturers

Dr Oyeyemi Adebiyi, the team leader and an economist   said; “We are very happy to land and work in this beautiful country, we are ready to deliver to the expectations and solve problems professionally by the help our employers.”

UR’s gap in lecturers is huge.

Currently, the university has 1,378 Academic staff. 21% of academic staff are PhD holders and 56% are Masters Holders while 14% of all academic staff are Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor and Professor.


Francis Mutabazi May 24, 2018 - 9:29 am


Ben Akhigbe May 28, 2018 - 6:50 pm

Love it when African countries transfer their lectures to another African country. Knowledge transfer in the region! This should be done across the whole continent. This is awesome!

Dr.Adebayo June 9, 2018 - 9:18 pm

Is there any opportunity to work as a lecturer on sabbatical ? Is there a Faculty of Law?

Dr.Adebayo June 9, 2018 - 9:22 pm

Is there any opportunity to work as a lecturer on sabbatical ?

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