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Popular Kigali Today Video Scoops Award

by Daniel Sabiiti
5:54 pm

The motocross. Best coverage was from Kigali Today

Rwanda Automobile Association (RMA) has awarded Kigali Today Videographer Junior Derrick Sesonga for covering a popular motocross video footage which attracted four million hits on the Kigali Today YouTube channel.

The award was handed over to Sesonga as a surprise, while he was covering the 2018 Gakwaya Memorial Rally which was held in Huye district and ended this weekend with another motocross stunt show from global motorbikers.

 “I was surprised when I was told I am going to get a medal. This caught me off guard, but of course it was a good feeling because it encouraged me to improve on what I do” said Sesonga, who has so far covered six of the motorcross events in Rwanda.

Junior Sesonga Derrick showing the medal from RMA

Others who received a similar medal like Sesonga, include two South African super motocross riders like renowned rider, Brian Kapper.

Motocross stunt riding is one of the additional non-competitive games that take place during every annual Gakwaya memorial rally, and the event has continued to attract more local and regional visitors and participants, according to event organizers.

If promoted as a tourist attraction, this could add to Rwanda’s quest for more packages to attract tourism in Rwanda as the country pushes the #VisitRwanda agenda to earn $800m by 2024.