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Car Free Day: Kagame Shows Support to Fitness Initiative

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
6:03 pm

President Paul Kagame with Minister Nyirasafari Esperance

President Paul Kagame has once again showed his support to the fitness initiative that was launched two years ago by city of Kigali; the car free day.

Kagame on Sunday joined thousands of Kigali residents in the bi-monthly fitness exercise where interested people enjoy jogging, riding, skating among other sports in designated motor-free roads of the capital Kigali.

When the initiative started two years ago, only the car free zone in Kigali central business district was available for this mass sport, but the city would later extend to also dedicate the Kigali-Gisimenti highway to this sport, twice a month.

Thus, for three hours, the road is taken up by people (young and adults) walking, riding, skating, among others as motor traffic of the otherwise busy road is suspended between 7AM to 10AM.

Peage road

This Sunday, President Kagame was riding a bicycle, a sport that the public recently knew that he also loves, on top of Tennis and Basketball.

In the recently screened Rwanda Royal Tour documentary where he is a major character, Kagame was also seen riding.

He as well did jogging along with the newly appointed Minister of Sports and Culture Esperance Nyirasafari and the Minister of Health Diane Gashumba.

No worry for your child. A car is not allowed at car free day

The Ministry of Health has become the partner of City of Kigali in this Car Free Day initiative which has also become a health campaign.

After the fitness exercises at Rwanda Revenue Authority ground, the Ministry of health carry screening for Non-communicable diseases like diabetes, blood pressure and breast cancer.

Car free day

Kagame encouraged the Rwandan community to exercise for better health.

“Physical exercises is paramount for better health. There are diseases we just get rid of through exercising,” Kagame was quoted as saying.

“He also delivered a message on health benefits of sports and expressed his wish to see more women participating,” Dr Diane Gashumba tweeted.

All photos and many more here by Plaisir Muzogeye