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300 Investors Explore Business Opportunities in Nyamasheke

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
10:08 pm

 RDB in partnership with Nyamasheke District administration, on Saturday, organized an investment meeting to showcase opportunities in the district. About 60 local investors were taken on a guided tour of the different areas in the Western Province District that present potential for investment in tourism and agribusiness.

Nyamasheke District’s potential in tourism is boosted by the Lake Kivu, Nyungwe National park and the soon to be inaugurated Gishwati National Park and a rich network of roads including the Kivu belt road that make it easily accessible.

Nyungwe kanopy walkway

Speaking at the function that attracted over 300 participants from the private and public sector, Ariella Kageruka, the RDB Head of Tourism and Conservation said:

“I have talked to several potential investors today and they are excited about the tourism potential that Nyamasheke district presents. As RDB, we are ready to support your investment plans in the district.”

Officiating the event, Prof Shyaka Anastase, the Minister of Local Government said:

“Nyamasheke district is endowed with natural beauty that offers great potential for tourism, there is also huge potential in agribusiness especially in coffee processing. This potential needs to be exploited to have an impact on local transformation but also tourism in general.”

Nsengiyumva Barakabuye, a local investor and chairman of Rwanda Hospitality Association said:

“There is huge potential especially in Nyungwe national park that is rich in fauna and flora. This is an addition to national historical monuments in the district.”

Investment opportunities in Nyamasheke district include in tourism infrastructure along Lake Kivu and Nyungwe national park.

The area around the lake presents scenic views that could be exploited for the construction of hotels and other tourism facilities. The lake is also dotted with islands that could be developed for tourism activities.

In Agriculture, the district has various agri-business opportunities for investors which include investment in tea and coffee processing. The potential for cross-border trade with the neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo also presents an opportunity for investors.