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Rwanda Reviews Coffee Prices

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
4:15 pm

Coffee washing at Muhondo coffee company – Gakenke district. Farmers are enjoying a price increment

The price of coffee cherries has been reviewed upward; increasing to Rwf 216 per kilogram from the current Rwf 190 per kilogram that was set in October 2019.

Similarly, floaters will sell at Rwf 100 per kilogram minimum effective Friday January 24, 2020.

On Friday, The National Agriculture Export Development Board (NAEB) explained that the price was set after a common agreement with coffee stake holders.

Pie Ntwari, the NAEB communication specialist told KT Press, that the increase “follows rise in price at international market and penetration of Rwanda coffee to more markets.”

Ntwari further said: “Whenever an increase is registered on international market, the farmer has to see that positive impact.”

He agrees that the current price is not the ideal one, but believes, “it is better than the one in the previous season.”

The increase in quality and quantity of Rwanda coffee has been registered in the second quarter of last year, compared to the second quarter of the year 2018.

Between July and December 2019, Rwanda produced 15,086 tons of coffee and exported 15,423 tons to earn $ 49.5 million.

This price represents an increase of 9% compared to the earning in the same period of the year 2018.

Last year, the export was higher than the production because there were more coffee in the stocks that remained during the previous season.

In the same period of 2018, coffee production was 14,096 tons and the export, 13,678 tons which earned the country $ 48.5 million.

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