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COVID-19: Rwanda Confirms 2 New Cases As Region Goes On Alert

by Edmund Kagire
11:10 pm

Washing hands in a public place of Kigali, an effective way to fight covid-19. Two new cases have been confirmed

Rwanda has announced two additional cases of New Coronavirus, taking the total to 7 in a space of two days as the East African region goes on alert after Tanzania and Somalia confirmed first cases on Monday.

An Update on COVID -19 issued by the Ministry of Health said that two additional Coronavirus cases were identified through positive tests today on Monday, bringing the total of confirmed cases to seven 7

“A Rwandan woman, 32, whose husband is a confirmed coronavirus patient with recent travel history in Fiji, USA and Qatar,”

“A German man, 61, who arrived in Rwanda on 13 March 2020 from Germany via Istanbul without symptoms. He developed a cough and went to a health facility on 15 March 2020,” the Ministry said about the new cases.

The Ministry said all confirmed coronavirus patients remain under treatment and in stable condition, Isolated from other patients. The tracing of all contacts has been conducted for further management.

“Heightened vigilance is required from all residents of Rwanda. Continue to observe instructions      of health authorities, particularly washing hands regularly, avoiding large gatherings and limiting unnecessary movements.

In the wake of many Rwandans rushing to buy facial masks, the Ministry of Health used the opportunity to remind people that masks do not provide protection from Coronavirus and should only be used by patients and those in direct contact with patients.

Period of Caution could be extended

The Ministry also said that the initial two weeks period for the closure of schools and places of worship maybe renewed based on circumstances as the numbers of positive patients continues to grow.

Rwandans were reminded that the symptoms of Coronavirus include dry cough, shortness of breath, and fever, urging anyone with such symptoms to call the toll free number 114 or contact a media professional as soon as possible.

On Sunday, Rwanda confirmed four new cases after four people tested positive, bringing the total to five.

A Statement by the Ministry of Health on Sunday evening said four new cases were identified and are being treated after the index case of an Indian national who arrived in the country on March 8 was confirmed on Saturday.

A 34-year-old Rwandan man who arrived from South Sudan on 6 March 2020, his brother, a 36-year-old Rwandan who arrived from Fiji via USA and Qatar on 8 March 2020, a 30-year-old Rwandan man in Kigali with no recent travel history and a 22-year-old man with Ugandan nationality who arrived In Rwanda from London on 15 March 2020 were the patients confirmed on Saturday.

The Ministry said tracing of all contacts has been conducted for further management.

The two new cases in Rwanda came hours after Tanzania on Monday confirmed its first case of Covid-19 in the country. A 46-year-old who woman returned from Belgium on Sunday aboard a RwandAir plane was the first positive patient in Tanzania.

She was screed at Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA) in Arusha but she did not have any symptoms of the virus.

It is reported that she later fell ill while in her hotel room in Arusha and went to hospital, according to the Tanzanian Minister of Health Ummy Mwalimu. Somalia also confirmed its first case on Monday.

The region is on the alert after Kenya, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and now Somalia announced the first cases of the virus which has so far killed 7, 130 people worldwide and infected 181,344.

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