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No New Covid-19 Case in Rwanda

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
9:06 pm

No new case was registered in Rwanda on Monday, March 30, the daily update of the Ministry of Health has confirmed.
The number of confirmed coronavirus positive cases stands at 70 people with the first case having been registered on March 14.

“All patients are being treated from appropriate health facilities and are recovering. Many of them are asymptomatic. We have also continued tracing their contacts for proper management,” reads the Ministry announcement.

Rwanda has started the second week of lockdown where all citizens are required to stay at home, go out only for medication or shopping of food commodities and hygiene equipment.

Other services that are not indispensable in the life of people have been closed, public transport closed and borders closed, except for returning Rwandans and legal residents.

All entrants are always put on a two-week quarantine.

This equally applies to more than 300 Rwandan citizens that were expelled from Uganda since last week with the country falsely accusing them of spreading Covid-19. They are hosted in three sites in the Northern Province of Rwanda.

Two people from these Rwandans are hospitalized in BYumba Hospital, Gicumbi district after being beaten severely by Ugandan security officials on their way to Rwanda.

Worldwide,  Covid-19 has so far affected 768,746 people from 200 countries and territories.

To date, 36,924 people died of Covid-19 with Italy being the biggest victim. The country lost 11,591 citizens to Covid-19 followed by Spain with 7,340 deaths.


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