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Rwanda Confirms 2 New Covid-19 Cases as 4 Patients Are Discharged

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
10:03 pm

Kanyinya-Nyarugenge district-The vehicles transporting back home the first batch of COVID-19 patients who recovered

Sunday was a different and most hopeful day which increased optimism compared to the previous 21 days when the First COVID-19 case was confirmed in Rwanda.

The country registered two new cases of coronavirus, bringing the total number of so far infected people to 104.

However, the number of active cases in Rwanda has reduced to 100 cases after the discharge of 4 patients who recovered completely this morning.

The two new cases are contacts of previously confirmed positive cases according to the Ministry of Health.

As per the tradition, after confirming the new cases, the joint task force in charge of the COVID-19 fight proceeded with exercise to trace their contacts for further management.

A day never goes by without the Ministry of Health requesting the general public to increase vigilance in fighting against Covid-19.

Going out for non-important motives is restricted. One is only allowed to go out for shopping food commodity, going to the hospital or going out to provide essential services.

Lying to the Police about where you are going is punishable. Today, a female bishop of a church in Kigali fell victim.

When she met a police officer, she told them that she was going for a Tv show, but when they tracked her, they realized she was going to church. Police confiscated her car.

“She will be punished, and her car will be returned to her only after the end of this stay-home period,” CP John Bosco Kabera, police spokesperson said adding that whoever will try to lie expecting to go away with it, will be shocked.

To help people keep social distance,  the local government is trying to increase space to decongest markets.

In Nyabugogo, the busiest neighborhood of the capital Kigali, traders were relocated to the bus park which was idle since public transport was restricted two weeks ago.

Globally, the number of people infected with Covid-19 has reached 1,260,077 cases including 330,386 cases in the United States of America(USA). This country has equally registered the biggest new cases of death with 992 cases today.

Globally, 68,428 people have died of COVID-19 pandemic.

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