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COVID-19: Epicentre Shifts to Rusizi As Rwanda Records 7 New Cases

by Edmund Kagire
11:43 pm

Rusizi, the new cases emerge from this part of the Western Province bordering with DRC

Rusizi district has become the new source of cross border transmission of New Coronavirus with 7 new cases recorded, mainly in the Western Province district bordering Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Rusizi joins other district with entry points where cases have been detected.

The Ministry of Health in the daily update on Monday said 7 positive cases were identified out of 1,083 tests conducted, putting all the total cases diagnosed in Rwanda at 377.

“New cases are cross-border travellers, especially in Rusizi, who have all been isolated,” the Ministry said a day after five more cases were recorded in the district.

The Minister of Health Dr. Daniel Ngamije said on Monday that the positive cases were all people engaged in cross-border activities especially traders and truck drivers traversing Rwanda and DRC towns of Rusizi and Bukavu.

The Rusizi cases led to the prolonging of the reopening of some key sections of the economy including travel between provinces as well as planned returning of moto-taxis on the roads which was scheduled for June 1.

President Paul Kagame on the same day appealed to nationals to remain patient as the government works to contain the cases that resurfaced in the community.

The Head of State said that the government was aware that the revised plans to reopen affected many but they are aimed at ensuring safety and averting a possible second wave of cases in the community.

A meeting held in Rusizi district put in place measures to contain the spread of the virus and how implementation of these measures will be coordinated.

In the meantime, the Ministry of Health reported that six people recovered. Total cases recoveries in the country now stand at 264 while active cases are 114. So far 69,151 tests have been conducted since March while only one death has been registered.

Worldwide cases have hit 6,340,490 while deaths are now 376,216. UK continues to register the highest number of deaths daily at 556 plus followed by the U.S at 387 plus while Brazil registered 220 new deaths on Monday.

The Latin America country has been criticized for its approach to the virus with President Jair Bolsonaro’s unconventional approach. The cases in the country were 519,704 by press time.

In other positive news, Spain had not registered a single death by New Coronavirus for the first time on Monday.

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