COVID-19 Rwanda:34 New Cases Confirmed Including Contacts of Positive Cases

The phrase ‘contacts of positive cases’ has reappeared in the daily update on COVID-19 in Rwanda as the country records 34 new COVID-19 cases.

“Kigali:21-contacts of positive cases & testing in villages under lockdown,” reads the update in which it was also indicated that Rusizi district cluster reappeared on the list with 6 cases, Nyamasheke 4, Kirehe 2 and Ngoma 1.

The new cases identified from tracing contacts of positive cases suggests that the virus has again resurfaced among the community, compared to a couple of days when cases were largely being identified in controlled places.

With the 34 new cases, the cumulative number of COVID-19 confirmed cases reached 1,689 and the active cases 817. The number of recoveries is still slightly higher with 867 recoveries, including 19 on Wednesday.

The country confirmed 5 deaths since the last 4 months when first case of COVID-19 was confirmed.

In the world, 15,246,518 COVID-19 cases have so far been confirmed. There were also 622,921 deaths.

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