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Bank Of Kigali Gets ISO Certification 

by Williams Buningwire
12:37 pm

Innocent Bagamba Muhizi. CEO, Rwanda Information Society Authority (RISA) handing over the ISO certificate to Dr Diane Karusisi, CEO of Bank of Kigali

The Bank of Kigali has received International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) certification for meeting standards in Information Security Management System.

The bank received the ISO/IEC2/001:2013 certification after passing the audit conducted by officials from ISO last year. The ISO certificate was presented to the media at Bank of Kigali headquarters on Tuesday, August 18, 2020.

The certification received by Bank of Kigali indicates that the bank meets global standards in processing the transmission and safe storage of digital information and information processing assets. 

“It has been a very long journey. This is a great milestone as far as keeping safe information for our clients is concerned. However, it doesn’t mean that we have full compliance; we have to keep working hard to keep financial details and information of clients safe,” Diane Karusisi, Chief Executive Officer of Bank of Kigali said.

“The audit was conducted in every department of Bank of Kigali, the results from regulators indicated that we meet standards. However,  this is not time to relax. We shall work hard to maintain the pace and improve.” 

“This certification confirms our commitment towards ensuring satisfaction for our clients. We are dedicated to continuing working hard to ensure the safety of our customers’ data, by putting extra effort in improving digital transactional channels that help our clients to feel safe and to continue banking with us,” she said.

Karusisi said that the bank has a lot of information for the clients ranging from names, money, properties, to mention but a few. She further said that the ISO certificate is proof that the information is safe and will remain secured even in the coming years.

According to the Bank of Kigali, ISO certificates can be removed from the holder after an annual audit indicating shortfalls in the Information Security Management System.

“The regulators make annual audits, so we must continue working better to remain trustworthy,”Karusisi said.

The Bank of Kigali acquired the ISO certificate at a time Rwanda and the world at large face threats of cyber attackers.

“Worldwide, financial institutions lose about $ 600 billion in preventing cyber attacks, manage, some money is stolen by cyber attackers, and other various losses,  so this is a good step by the bank of Kigali. The bank has earned trust from ISO for safe protection of people’s information,” Innocent Bagamba Muhizi. CEO, Rwanda Information Society Authority (RISA) said.

“This trust must remain by the bank working hard to maintain its position on managing information digitally.” 

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