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Ghanaian Footballer, Lover and Party-goers Put Into Quarantine After Violating COVID-19 Measures

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
9:16 am

During the weekend, the public looked at these photos and had mixed reactions. Some argued that they can’t be photos of partygoers during COVID-19 in Rwanda because there is no sign that the people are on any alert of a serious pandemic in the country.

Others said that wasn’t it involving a football star like striker Michel Sarpong and a famous football coach like Olivier Karekezi, they should have been arrested.

The fact is, photos were taken during the weekend as Michel Sarpong, a former Rayon Sports striker was joined by Kiyovu Sport manager Olivier Karekezi, several other footballers and their friends to celebrate the birthday of his lover known as Djazilla on Sunday, August 16.

Physical distancing, wearing face masks and other measures to fight against COVID-19 did not apply here.

On Wednesday, Rwanda Police spokesperson CP John Bosco Kabera said that they have arrested and sent 11 of the party-goers into quarantine and two others are still on the run.

“As you have seen, they did not respect COVID-19 measures like social distancing, wearing the face mask as it is required in this period. So, you cannot be sure whether they are still COVID-19 negative. That’s the reason why they were taken to quarantine,” CP John Bosco Kabera told Kigalitoday.com, our Kinyarwanda sister website.

In quarantine includes Sarpong and Olivier Karekezi.

CP Kabera said that for now, no other punishment is planned, but priority is to check whether they are safe.

“Let’s first see whether they are safe-we would see the rest later on,” he said.

Rwanda is enforcing measures to fight against COVID-19  as numbers surge especially in the capital Kigali. Two big markets in Kigali were closed on Monday, August 17 when it was clear that they are the source of new contamination because traders gave up to observe measures of fighting COVID-19.

The total number of confirmed cases increased to 2577 and the active cases are 884  and recoveries 1683 as of August 18.

The country has so far registered 10 deaths.

It is feared that the country may be reintroduced into total lockdown soon.

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