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Kigali City Market to Reopen on September 3

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
11:42 pm

The two difficult weeks for traders of Kigali City Market will take the end on Thursday, September 3. The city officials have decided that the market in the heart of Kigali will reopen on that date which will fall on Thursday this week.

Kigali City market was closed on August 17 alongside Nyabugogo market-kwa Mutangana after it was established that the traders on both of them had loosened, which caused widespread of COVID-19.

Extremely big numbers of cases were tested in connection with the markets ever since.

The capital city officials said on Monday evening, that the decision to reopen the market comes after all the occupants and contacts were traced and tested for COVID-19 while disinfection has also been completed.

“We would like to take this opportunity to request the leadership of the market to take precautionary measures before reopening of the market,” the communique signed by city mayor Pudence Rubingisa reads in part.

The requirements include; putting showing marks of where people should stand as they head in the market, water taps, reduction of congestion inside the market among others.

Traders will alternate in the market with 50% coming one day and another 50% coming the following day.

The consequence of the closure of the relatively biggest market of the country did not go without consequences. Earlier during the day, a journalist of kigalitoday.com our sister website wrote that a shortage in medical supply was being felt in several pharmacies. Pharmacy officials said that the reason is that big pharmacy dealers saw their shops closed inside the market.

COVID-19 is becoming a serious threat in the country now.

The total confirmed cases increased to 4,063 and the active cases, 2,034 including 43 that tested positive on Monday.

This is in comparison with 2,013 recoveries. 16 people died of COVID-19 since March 14 when the first case was confirmed.

The cases of the two markets triggered severe decisions from the government including the suspension of public transport between Kigali and other districts of the country.

The City of Kigali put in place several fines against people who go against the COVID-19 instructions.

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