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Give Me A Chance to Teach My Students, Raise My Children – Kidney Patient

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
4:17 pm
Amaze imyaka ienga ine afashwa n

Munezero Jean

Since 2017, Munezero Jean, a trainer at ESTB, a technical and vocational school in Musanze district, Northern Province has never missed a single week without visiting the African Health Care Network, a clinic in Rubavu district, Western Province for a dialysis due to kidney failure.

For the three sessions per week, thanks to a big discount offered to him, Munezero has to pay Rwf 47,500.

Fortunately, after several years of struggle, Munezero can expect to see a light at the end of the tunnel since early this year, the government offered to raise his medical fees for a kidney transplant in India.

However, there is still a long way to go for Munezero to see the doctor.

His part is to raise $ 14,735  that will cover transport and accommodation for three months stay in India, passport and medical visa for three, and unforeseen post-kidney transplant surgery.

This money would also cover among others the cost of laboratory tests of compatibility for his kidney donor which he cannot do without.

“My family has spent a fortune on me and we are now left with nothing. My children hardly finish a school term because school fees have become another burden. Friends, classmates, and workmates intervened but it has become too much for them,” said Munezero.

After several arrears owed to the clinic, Munezero has now been given a warning that dialysis would stop in a couple of weeks unless he manages to clear everything.

“Stopping this machine now means stopping my life,” said Munezero after learning from a medical specialist who told him, that he cannot  survive for another 21 days would dialysis be stopped at this level.

“I am a proud educationist, husband and father; I desparately need well wishers to give me a chance to teach my students again and raise my children,” further said Munezero.

The patient had secured an appointment for July 2021 at Yashoda Hydrabad Hospital in India.

Additional Reporting by Syldio Sebuharara, www.kigalitoday.com. 

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