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Movements Between Districts and Kigali Prohibited, Curfew Tightened

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
10:40 pm

The cabinet meeting has tightened measures meant to curb more spread of COVID-19 which is in a much worrisome wave.

Among others, the cabinet extended curfew hours from 7PM to 4 AM but businesses will close by 6PM effective June 23.

The cabinet prohibited movements between districts and other provinces with Kigali, the capital city, something already the public was expecting given the rise of cases in some districts and Kigali.

However, the exception is made to movements “for medical reasons and other essential services. Vehicles transporting goods will continue to operate with no more than two people on board.”

Social gatherings were prohibited be it in public or private settlements.

Weddings in whichever form(civil, traditional, and religious) were also prohibited.

Physical meetings are still allowed, with 30% of venue capacity, but every participant is required to present a COVID-19 negative test.

Meanwhile, the number of public servants allowed to work from office on a rotational basis was reduced to 15% from 30%, while private business, markets, and malls will continue to operate on a rotational basis of 50%.

Restaurants will be required to receive only 30% of their capacity at ago, but “COVID-19 test will be required for designated restaurants,” according to the communique of cabinet resolutions.

“RDB will provide detailed guidelines,” the communique further reads.

RDB, in full Rwanda Development Board, will also issue additional guidelines on measures to be followed by tourists.

Other measures remained as previously communicated in the latest cabinet.

The measures which are one step to the lockdown were tightened following a recent hike of COVID-19 cases especially in the capital Kigali and some districts like Rubavu, Musanze and Burera.

In the last six days, 2,144 people were infected with COVID-19 and by June 20, 2021, the country had confirmed 30,813 COVID-19 positive cases, 26,704 recoveries, and 3727 active cases.

So far, the country reported 382 fatalities.

The country has so far vaccinated 390,777 people who include citizens, refugees, expatriates, inmates among others.

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