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Covid-19: UR Huye Campus Halts Studies To Respect Lockdown Guidelines

by Williams Buningwire
5:30 pm

The University of Rwanda (UR) has halted physical classrooms at its campus located in Huye district, Southern Province to comply with measures against COVID-19 that are being observed in the neighboring Tumba sector.

The halt of physical classrooms at UR main campus comes after Tumba sector, one of the campus neighborhoods was put into total lockdown.

Students are advised not to come to the UR campus effective August 17.

“This campus receives about 2000 day-scholars who come from Tumba sector that was recently put in a total lockdown to stop the surging Covid-19 cases. So, there is a worry of spreading the virus, if we allow them to come to the campus as usual,” Wilson Nzitatira UR , Campus Administrator at UR-Huye said.

According to Nzitatira, after the latest cabinet meeting placed Tumba into total lockdown last week, Huye district agreed with the campus to exempt students, but both the campus and local authorities have expressed difficulties in enforcing lockdown guidelines.

“There are increasing Covid-19 cases and it is a problem to enforce the lockdown guidelines when some people are allowed to move,” Nzitatira added.

Studies will be halted for both students accommodated in the University hostels and day scholars, for them to remain on the same page, according to Nzitatira.

Responding to the issue of some day-scholars who get meals at the campus restaurant, he said that there are ‘few’, about 30 students only and it’s not a problem.

“Only 34 students get meals in the campus, so, allowing them to move to get their meals is not the same as allowing 2500 entering the campus. We haven’t got complaints from other students; we think they cook for themselves, because other restaurants in the area are closed,” Nzitatira said.

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