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Rwandan To Represent Africa At Global Public Speaking Competition

by Sam Nkurunziza
8:30 am


A Rwandan young girl is set to represent Africa at a global public speaking competition to be held on Sunday 10th December 2023.

10-year old GAKUMBA ISHYA Daisy Gaëlle who will carry Rwanda’s flag is a pupil at Groupe Scholaire APACOPE. She was chosen after winning other pupils from five different schools across the country.

The competition is organized by Soroptimist International Foundation, a global network of volunteers working to transform the lives of women and girls in 118 countries worldwide in collaboration with the Commonwealth Business Women’s network.

Structured specifically for girls between the age of 10 and 11 years, the competition will attract a total of 11 countries.

Five of the countries are selected from common wealth nations and they are Pakistan, Canada, Cyprus, Australia and Rwanda. The other five countries will be identified from non-common wealth nations with a Soroptimist club federation.

According to Maureen Maguire, the Soroptimist International Foundation President, this completion is aimed at encouraging girls to play a more prominent part in public speaking as well as improve the art of communication.

This should help our young girls to develop research techniques, the skills to speak effectively, self-confidence as well as their personality,” she said.

Serge Indere the Head teacher at GS APACOPE says that her student has exhibited a high level of performance both in academics and other co-curricular activities.

She is a very bright student both in class and out of class. I have no doubt she will still put up a good performance at the international stage,” he said.

All participating girls from the eleven countries present their speeches to a wider audience including a panel of judges and will be held via zoom.

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