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Examination Results-Advanced Level: Best Students Awarded

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
5:40 pm

Muneza Silas from ESTB Busogo-Musanze receiving his award

The Ministry of Education has awarded seventeen best students in the national exams of advanced level for the academic year 2022-2023 where boys dominate the list.

Muhozi Anselme

The award, mainly a laptop, Renovo brand, was given in accordance to students’ combinations of General Education, Teacher Training Colleges and Technical Secondary Education.

Cyubahiro Emile receiving award from Minister of Education Gaspard Twagirayezu

In General Education,  Cyubahiro Emile from Saint Jean Paul II Minor Seminary of Nyamagabe District, Southern Province was the best students in Sciences, and, on top of the laptop, he took home a regional award, an appreciation from the East African Community(EAC).

Izere Samaza Marthe(Middle)

Muhozi Anselme, from ES Ruramira too was the best student in Arts and humanities while Izere Samaza Marthe, the one among three girls on this list of best students emerged the best in Languages. Samaza is a candidate from College Christ Roi, a government aided school managed by the Catholic Church in Nyanza District, Southern Province where a bug number of best performers seem to hail from.

Kwizera Ismael

In Teacher Training Colleges(TTC), a catholic school- TTC Save, Gisagara district-Southern Province registered three best candidates including Kwizera Ismael, the best student in Early Childhood and Lower Primary Education and Nkunzwenayo Aimable in the combination of Language Education.

Icyikunze Bonheur

The other one from TTC Save is Icyikunze Jean Bonnheur who emerged best in Sciences and Mathematics Education.

Izabayo Blaise

From TTC Zaza in Ngoma district, Eastern Province, Izabayo Blaise had the highest score in Social Studies Education.

Tuyizere Alfa Shalom

Of all, the Technical Secondary Schools with ten combinations took home the biggest number of awards.

Iranzi Aliane

In Agriculture and food Processing, Muneza Silas from ESTB Busogo-Musanze district emerged best candidate and in Business Services and Administration Iranzi Aliane from College APEC was best candidate.

Ibyishaka Patrick

Tuyizere Alfa Shalom from Nyanza TVET School-Southern Province emerged the best in Construction and Building Services while Ibyishaka Patrick took the lead in Craft and Recreational Arts. He hails from HVP Gatagara TVET School.

Most Excited Ntakinanirimana Elisa receiving the award

In Energy, Ntakinanirimana Elisa from Center for Champions TVET-Rwamagana district was the best student, while in Hospitality and Tourism, Umwari Ngiruwonsanga from St. Mary Dominica Mazzarello TSS emerged the top performer.

Kayitare Audax

Rwanda Coding Academy from Nyabihu District-Western Province also had a candidate among the top performers, and that’s Kayitare Audax, the best candidate in ICT and Multimedia.

Nshimiyimana Olivier(MIddle)

In Manufacturing and Mining, the best candidate is Nshimiyimana Olivier who hails from HVP Gatagara TVET School.

Imbereyemaso Docile

In Technical Services, Imbereyemaso Docile from Mibirizi Saint Augustin TVET in Rusizi, Western Province was the top scorer.

Isingizwe Jeannot

Meanwhile, Isingizwe Jeannot from ITER Rutobwe outscored the rest in the combination of Transport and Logistics.

“We wish you good luck in further categories of education,” said Irere Claudette, Minister of State in the Ministry of Education said.

Nkunzwenayo Aimable

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