President Kagame In Germany for G20 Compact with Africa Summit

President Paul Kagame at High Level summit of G20 CwA in 2019

President Kagame has arrived in Berlin, Germany where he will join Heads of State from various African countries for the G20 Compact with Africa Summit.

Hosted by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the summit was launched in 2017 to promote private investment in Africa.

Its primary objective is to increase attractiveness of private investment through substantial improvements of the macro, business and financing frameworks.

In April 2021, the Africa Advisory Group of the G20 Compact with Africa(CWA) convened virtually and noted the negative impact of COVID-19 in member countries.

They also welcomed the launch of enhanced intra-African trade under the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) Agreement and discussed the potential network and growth of private sector players among the members.

In 2019, President Paul Kagame told participants of the G20 Compact with Africa (CwA) Investment Summit in Germany, that the presence of Africa at the summit is an indication that the continent is ripe for business and investment.

“This really showcases how Africa is ripe for business and investment, and how far we can go,” the President said at the Haus der Deutschen Wirtschaft – Germany then.


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