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Rwandan ScreenPlay Writers Can Now Sell Online

by Andrew Shyaka
11:24 am

Aaron Niyomwungeri, the director of Vugafrica

A new website dubbed Vugafrica.rw has been launched to make it easier for script writers in Rwanda and Africa in general to sell their scripts online in their comfort zone.

The new website is designed to allow local movie script writers and movie producers to have a database of their work, where clients can easily contact them directly for buying their products.

Speaking on the launch of Vugafrica, Aaron Niyomwungeri, the director of Vugafrica said that, the website is a bridge between script buyers and writers as well as sharpening young screen play writers’ skills across Africa.

‘Script writers have been facing a problem of selling their stories to producers because the industry is so young and no resources, but with this website, one will be able to sell his or her script online without incurring travel costs to meet the producer. It’s easier because all the scripts will be on Vugafrica,’’ says Aaron Niyomwungeri.

Screen play writer will open personal account on the website, stock their stories there and producers will be given space to choose stories to buy easily depending on their desires.

The buying process will be done between the owner of the story through personal account and transaction will equally be done through electronic cards or MTN mobile money app.

Veteran script writer and movie maker, Kennedy Mazimpaka, questioned the security of scripts and copy rights infringement of scripts in this era of cyber fraud.

The director of Vugafrica argued that the management thought about it and that’s why they designed the website in a way that, a buyer can’t access the whole script without paying.

Vugafrica is among 23 projects that were awarded with Rwf 300 million through ArtRwanda-Ubuhanzi funded by the Ministry of youth and culture together with Imbuto Foundation in order to help art industry overcome the effects of Covid-19.

The above projects are all centered on using technology to improve the art industry by preventing such scenarios like corona in future and they are all ran by young people.

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