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The Music of Sing Star Ally Means Disability Is Not Inability

by Daniel Sabiiti
12:16 pm

Joseph Sibomana, alias “Sing Star Ally”, an upcoming musician recently became the first visually impaired person to complete his music training course in the Muhanga district based Nyundo school in 2021.

Though born with a normal sight ability, at the age of 2 years, Sibomana was diagnosed with a visual infection and doctors declared that he wouldn’t be able to see again.

This, according to the 23 year old musician, compelled his family to send him to stay with his grandparents which affected his childhood development but didn’t stop him from pursuing his dreams.

Sibomana says that he was helped by good Samaritans to join the HVP Gatagara school of the disabled where he learnt languages throughout his secondary education paving way for him to join Nyundo School of Music.

“I was sent to live with my grandmother because my parents couldn’t accept the fact that I had been diagnosed to never see again,” Sibomana said.

From his grandmother’s place he says he was able to join Nyundo School which opened him to his childhood dream of becoming a musician.

At Nyundo, Sibomana says he learnt song composition and singing but picked the interest of starting a solo music career despite challenges of getting his music ambition and project to the limelight.

This he says is because of lack of financial capacity and connection, which has compelled him to shift to live with his sister in Kabuga sector in Kigali city to tap into the opportunities in the City dwelling places.

“My challenge is to know where to go, or to which studio so as to produce and promote my music,” Sibomana says.

Despite the challenges, Sibomana who sings in a traditional folk style, has managed to produce more than three songs (in Kinyarwanda) which focus on daily life challenges including life of disability among others.

His chances stand on his guitar but also his magnetic voice which is not only original in sound but also backed by his music genre which is a mix of traditional and modern Pop.

If discovered (with sponsorship and management) Sibomana could become the second visually impaired artist in Rwanda, after Niyo Bosco to make a breakthrough to turn absolute disability into unlimited ability.

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