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Private Sector Federation Goes to Polls – Clusters Replace Chambers

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
4:25 pm

Industry Cluster representatives

Chamber, a common word in Rwanda Private Sector Federation’s structure has been dropped and replaced by cluster in the ongoing elections that wrap up with election of national chairmanship committee next week.

According to communication department at Rwanda Private Sector Federation(PSF), the new leadership structure has got several changes including the decentralization of leadership organs and a combination of others.

“Decentralization intends to promote advocacy of the cause of members,” says Eric Kabera, Communication Specialist at PSF.

In this regard, the existing ten chambers of commerce have been replaced by five clusters including: Cluster of Agriculture, Cluster of Industries, Cluster of Services, Cluster of Commerce and Special Cluster which includes women, youth and people with disabilities.

Rwanda North PSF committee

Unlike the previous structure where chambers had only one representative at national level, clusters have got representatives from national level to cell level.

Thus, at national level, Dieudonne Twahirwa was elected president of Agriculture cluster, while Jean Claude Gahunga is president of Industries cluster.

The services cluster was entrusted to Dr. Alexis Nsengumuremyi and Commerce to Francois Twagirumukiza.

On special cluster, members elected Jeanne Francoise Mubiligi as president.

Presidents are assisted by two vice presidents and this structure applies from National downwards to cell level.

Pending elections at national level next week, members also elected PSF committees from provincial to cell level unlike the previous structure where committees would cover entities from national to district level.

At provincial level, Jean Paul Mutalikwa is chairperson of Eastern Province while Celestin Kubumwe is chairperson of the Southern Province.

Donatha Mukanyarwaya is chairperson of PSF in Northern Province while Ernest Nkurunziza is chairperson of the Western Province.

Tharcisse Ngabonziza is the chairperson of PSF in city of Kigali. Similarly, chairpersons are assisted with two deputy chairpersons.

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