Passengers, Crew Safe As RwandAir Flight Experiences Bad Landing In Entebbe Due to Bad Weather

A photo of the RwandAir flight that was involved in a runway excursion was shared on social media.

A RwandAir flight destined for Entebbe, Uganda on Wednesday morning experienced a runway excursion due to bad weather, but luckily all passengers and crew safely exited the plane with no injuries. The national carrier, on Twitter confirmed the incident which was a result of the morning rain that was reported across the region.

“RwandAir flight WB464 upon landing at Entebbe International Airport early this morning, was involved in a runway excursion as a result of bad weather. All passengers and flight crew deplaned safely with no reported injuries,” the airline announced.

A photo seen by KT Press shows the plane, a bombardier in the swamps surrounding the airport, which is on the shores of Lake Victoria, as passengers disembarked. Sources say the pilots of the plane, a Bombardier Next Generation, could not see the runway lighting due to bad weather characterised by rain and fog.

A runway excursion happens when a plane veers off or overruns from the runway surface. The events occur while an aircraft is taking off or landing, and involve many factors ranging from unstable approaches to the condition of the runway. According to aviation experts, runway excursions pose one of the highest risks to commercial aviation to date.

A photo seen on social media indicates that the aircraft sustained some damage on the side.

The aircraft sustained some damage on the fuselage.

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