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Rwanda’s Movie Super Star Yanga Passes On

by Daniel Sabiiti
1:47 pm

Another Rwanda star, Nkusi Thomas who was known as Yanga has passed on, in less than a day after the country hearing of the death of 27-year old R&B singer Yvan Buravan (Yvan Dushime Burabyo).

Nkusi, who was famous for interpreting movies in Kinyarwanda but later on retired from the career which was later taken on by his young brother ‘Giti Junior’- Joseph Bunani.

Preliminary reports reaching KTPress indicate that Yanga passed away today in South Africa due to an illness which he had been suffering from for some time and had publically said (on YouTube videos) that he had been cured.

At the time of his death, Yanga had been undergoing treatment and had in April 2022, taken his children to visit their mother in South Africa.

Nkusi Thomas “Yanga”, will always be remembered for pioneering the Kinyarwanda movie translation career in Rwanda which has seen many young men join and earn a living from.

May his Soul Rest in Peace!

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