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I Have Seen It All – Pastor Mpyisi At Centenary Jubilee Celebration

by Marie Grace Munezero
1:42 pm

Mpyisi surrounded by Children and grandchildren

Pastor Ezra Mpyisi, one of Rwanda’s senior citizens is celebrating his centenary Jubilee, a milestone he said, was full of highs and downs.

Mpyisi, a man full of wisdom who was born in 1922, celebrated his impactful one hundred years.

At a colorful party organized by his family and friends to celebrate him for his contribution in country and church development, people who know him spoke and testified on how special he has been.

Different speakers including Clotilde Umubyeyi, Florida Uwera, his son Gerard Mpyisi, and others shared the Pastor’s story and a documentary of his life was watched.

Gerard Mpyisi his son thanked the father for many things he taught them, especially the love he showed the family.

“Many people know him for different things he did, especially preaching but we know him as our father. He loves us so much and loves everyone on his way,” the son said.

Umubyeyi, in her testimony also appreciated how Pastor Mpyisi managed to work for the country and to serve God unreservedly.

“Even now he still has energy to work; he teaches us culture, the Word of God. Our Lord loves him so much because he is a humble servant of his kingdom. No wonder, when death comes, he will go peacefully, without any sorrow,” she said.

Uwera, who is also a granddaughter of King Musinga said that Pastor Mpyisi will leave a great legacy that will inspire generations.

“Gathering here to celebrate his birthday is a sign that we are all his children, it will be a good legacy for us. I knew you when we met in Nairobi, my parents told me well about you, you loved them and till now, you never changed, we love you,” Uwera said.

When he took the floor, Mpyisi was overwhelmed and thanked people who organized the party noting that he wishes to see them all in heaven after this life.

“I don’t have words to express how grateful I am. None gave me a tip, if not a child who told me they are organizing a birthday party for me. Sincerely speaking, it was out of question to think that such a big banquet could be organised in my intention,” Mpyisi said.

The elderly however said that the gathering should inspire participants to think about life beyond this life.

“What is the meaning of celebration if we will not be together in paradise that God is creating for us? There, we shall forget the hardship of this world. It would be sad not seeing each other in the new world for eternal celebration,” he said.

Mpyisi emphasized that in his life, he experienced many different things but knowing God helped him throughout.

“I have spent a hundred years where I saw many things, bad, good, sins, hate, assassination, weeding, celebrations.  I have seen it all and need  nothing else; when death comes, I am ready to go,” he said.

“I sometimes  wonder why I don’t die and rest since I don’t expect anything new to happen in my life. What we call blessings and curses happened to me. Let me tell you my brothers and children when you do not know God everything is Zero. I have experienced many terrifying things but they are now gone and forgotten, because God was my stronghold.”

Pastor Mpyisi said it is possible to have a hundred years or more. He urged the youth to stop the negative prophecy, read the bible, and follow its principles as a weapon.

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