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Parents ‘Ruining’ Their Children’s Lives By Dictating Career Choices

by Williams Buningwire
2:44 pm

Clothilde Kanakuze, teacher at Groupe Scolaire Notre Dame du Bon Conseil

It is clear that the parents are concerned about their child’s education career. But placing those concerns on young shoulders will prevent children from trying out new things in which they might shine in future.

According to teachers, a blunder is committed when a child is burdened or forced by parents with future plans, mostly choosing a specific education career for them.

“Every child has a different and unique dream. It is therefore, a parent’s responsibility to know, see and develop it. Parents and teachers have a responsibility of talking to children, guiding them everyday and showing them why they should take up specific careers. Some children are forced to take up subjects that will drive them to specific careers. These end up failing because they don’t love them and don’t work hard,” Clothilde Kanakuze, a teacher at Groupe Scolaire Notre Dame du Bon Conseil said.

“It all starts with a child’s capabilities and passion. Parents want children to look like people they have seen or heard about growing up. This is almost impossible for everyone to imitate,” Kanakuze said.

The observation was made during KT radio’s talk show themed “the role of teachers in nurturing students’ trajectories.” The talk show held on October 27, aimed at helping teachers, students and parents to guide students on what they can be, or do in the future, based on employability skills, passion and labour market needs.

She pointed out that parents should help children on career guidance assisted by questions including; what career is best, or opt for? How to prepare for that specific career? Which subjects to be focused on to score more? and What should things be removed from the lifestyle in order to ensure that the child does not deviate from becoming what they agreed upon?

David Nsabimana, teacher at Nyabiheke TVET school

Some educationalists like Hub pages, an American education online publishing platform, suggest that children are like clay and parents are like a potter who gives shape to his creations.

The website explains that a parent can make or break a child. Because, parents are said to have the best interests of their children in mind, yet many times they end up ruining the lives of their children with their choices.

KT radio’s career guidance talk shows weigh-in at a time Rwanda is preparing to celebrate World Teacher’s Day, marked October 5 every year.

So far, Celebrations for World Teacher’s Day in Rwanda have been postponed to November 2. The day was initially planned to be celebrated on October 28, but due to unidentified causes, celebrations have again been postponed.

“Parents need to respect their children’s career passion and goals. Mostly, children who have graduated from ordinary level. Some are mature to make good decisions. But they can always be supportive and guide them through the career process to excel,” Rene David Nsabimana, a teacher at Nyabiheke TVET school said.

 “At that age, they have met a lot, and the experience can guide them,” he added.

World Teacher’s Day is typically every year worldwide. The topic for this year’s celebration is “Teachers are the first to transform education.”

Annually, teachers are recognized for their contributions to education on this day.

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