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High Court Seeks More Time to Prepare Bamporiki Verdict

by Daniel Sabiiti
2:04 pm

Edouard Bamporiki

The High Court has postponed the verdict hearing in the case of former Minister of State for Culture, Edouard Bamporiki till January 23.

The Court was today supposed to pronounce its decision after Bamporiki appealed an earlier sentencing to four years in prison for corruption and crimes related to the use of authority for his own benefit.

Spokesperson of the judiciary, Harrison Mutabazi told KTPress that the verdict hearing was postponed for reasons of preparing the whole case file that is needed for the verdict reading.

“Yes, the ruling has been postponed. The case file is not completed and it is being prepared so that the court verdict can be pronounced.  It was postponed to January 23,” Mutabazi said.

On September 30, 2022, Bamporiki was sentenced to four years in prison by Nyarugenge intermediate court and slapped him with a fine of Rwf60m, after he was found guilty of corruption and misusing his office to solicit a bribe.

In the appeal trial, Bamporiki’s lawyers argued that their client should be given a lesser sentence for his crimes and that the court fine should also be reduced.

Bamporiki said that what he did was an act of helping a friend and for that reason he was given a token of appreciation (Rwf10million). He however said, that if forgiven, he would be of more value and change his past than being in prison.

The prosecution, which also appealed the sentence like the defendant, said that Bamporiki’s request was baseless because the crimes were committed by a well-informed official who held the position of power and studied law.

Prosecution further said, that some parameters were not considered in court, thus a “lenient sentence”.

It said that the earlier court ruling did not consider the fact that Bamporiki was a state minister and that he did his actions in his powers.

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