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PHOTOS: President Kagame Concludes Guinea Visit With Call For Synergies Between Countries

by Edmund Kagire
7:15 am

President Kagame inaugurated a highway interchange named in his honour.

President Paul Kagame on Tuesday evening concluded his two-day working visit to Guinea, with a call for African countries to synergise and work together to tackle the challenges they face, following ‘fruitful discussions’ between Rwanda and Guinea to strengthen bilateral ties.

During a joint press conference with Col. Mamadi Doumbouya, the transition leader of Guinea, President Kagame reiterated the message he echoed during the three-legged visit to Benin, Guinea-Bissau and Guinea, that when countries work together, they can address the challenges they face, relying on each other’s attributes.

“I commend the ongoing efforts to find synergies across areas of common interests in our two countries, the friendship and the determination to work together for the benefit of the people of Guinea and Rwanda, is more than ever present,”

“Sharing knowledge and expertise among ourselves as Africans and with other partners around the world is useful and necessary. We do this to help us create the conditions for our citizens to live long, healthy and productive lives and contribute to the advancement of our countries,” President Kagame said.

President Kagame and President Doumbouya addressed a press conference.

He pointed out that each country cannot find all the resources it needs to do what it has to do and therefore working together can be a more sustainable way to deal with the issues countries face, tapping into the strengths of one another.

“No one has everything needed, all in one place, to succeed alone. So, the cooperation in different fields is indispensable,” President Kagame said.

The Head of State hailed Col. Doumbouya, who has been in office since 2021, for his efforts to restore peace and stability in Guinea and working towards the development of the West African country.

“I want to commend you, once again, Mr. President, for your work to establish peace and stability in your country, again. This is the backbone of sustainable development for all of us,” President Kagame said.

President Kagame thanked President Doumbouya for his earlier gesture to name a highway interchange connecting Kagbélen to Conakry in his honour.

The highway interchanged named after President Kagame was inaugurated by the two leaders.

The completed infrastructure, which will ease movement between major industrial cities and Conakry as well as with neighboring countries, was inaugurated by the two leaders earlier in the day.

“I was also honored to take part in the inauguration of the impressive road interchange at Kagbélen . Allow me to convey my sincere appreciation to you and the people of Guinea for the honor you have bestowed on me and the people of Rwanda through the naming of this infrastructure,” President Kagame said.

Earlier in the day, the two leaders visited a military academy, Prytanée Militaire of Guinea, where they met students from across the country’s 33 districts and 5 provinces training to be the next generation of leaders that will transform key sectors in Guinea.

The Head of State commended Col. Doumbouya for nurturing the next generation of young people who will take up the mantle as future leaders.

President Kagame commended his host for nurturing the next generation of leaders at

On his part, President Doumbouya reiterated his desire to strengthen bilateral relations between the two countries, accepting the invitation for his guest to visit Rwanda in the near future. He pointed out that Guinea has a lot to learn from Rwanda and the bridge created through the new cooperation framework will enable that.

The two leaders held talks to explore ways to collaborate in areas of mutual interest before witnessing the signing of a Joint Cooperation Agreement and Agreement on ICT Cooperation by respective Ministers in their delegations.

The two countries signed cooperation agreements.

Later in the evening, President Doumbouya hosted his guest to a sumptuous dinner before seeing him off at Ahmed Sékou Touré International Airport, also known as Gbessia International Airport, after 48-hrs of what President Kagame described as a ‘fruitful and productive’ visit.

Generous host. President Doumbouya hosted his guest to a sumptuous dinner.


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