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DASSO Personnel Obtain Open Ended Contract

by Jean Felix Muhire
2:58 pm

DASSO personnel

A revised statute of the District Administration Security Support Organ (DASSO) has come with several good news for the personnel who have been working on a five-year renewable contract.

As per the Prime Minister’s act N° 005/03 RYO of 04/05/2023, the personnel of DASSO which is in charge of security matters in the grass root institutions, are now employees of the District on an open ended contract. In the current arrangement, DASSO personnel sign a five-year renewable contract.

Also coming to improve the wellbeing of DASSO and their families is the appraisals at workplace where the personnel would be promoted following their performance, and this would go with salary increment in accordance with Rwanda’s labor law.

In this context, contrary to the current arrangement, DASSO will sign the performance contract-imihigo which will be the basis for their evaluation.

The new statute stipulates that all these employees are on the same level, and will receive the same salary, except for those who will be placed in leading positions instead of basing on the existing six levels.

According to Jean Baptiste Kayiranga, the Legal Adviser at the Ministry of Local Government (Minaloc), DASSO’s new salary will be highlighted in the salary regulations that will be determined by the Minister of Public Service and Labour.

“A security officer who is dismissed from the leadership position will be reinstated at the level of other ordinary security officer in this organ,” the decree said.

Meanwhile, DASSO operations in the new statute have been decentralized from sector to cell level, but the number of the personnel will vary from one district to another, depending on available financial means.

Making DASSO more efficient

According to Kayiranga, DASSO’s reforms intend to improve the performance and to bridge existing gaps within the force.

To be selected as DASSO personnel, a candidate should at least be finalist of Ordinary level or an equivalent and be between 18-25 year of age, except some exceptions that can apply for personnel who can bring special skills in the force.

“DASSO is an organ that needs a strong workforce. In this regard, there is a need for young men and women who still have the strength to fulfill the responsibility of helping in security management and that is why the age of admission has been lowered to between 18 and 25 instead of 18 and 35 as before,” Kayiranga said.

As Kayiranga goes on to say, the new statute will be applicable to the DASSO new entrants, as well as those who have been serving, especially on provisions that are friendly to the employees.

He said, “Current servants will be given permanent employment letters,” Kayiranga said.

“Currently, there are enough DASSOs in each district, but we shall recruit more.”

Meanwhile, the Rwanda Police in collaboration with the District Executive Committees are responsible of planning and provision of DASSO’s basic training, while MINALOC will be in charge of monitoring.

DASSO was established in May 2013 by a ministerial order under Minaloc, replacing Local Defence Forces Units (LDUs) which had existed since 1994.

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