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‘Fall of gods’, The Newborn In Rwanda Novelists’ Family

by KT Press Reporter
6:42 am

The cover page of the book

The ;Fall of gods’ is a fictional story of a pastoral rich man who mistook the fact that he could buy love when she met the ‘Mubari Princess Muganwa’.

However, the fate stroke him hard and she changed her instead or literally, the hunter became a prey.  He thus was challenged, entrapped and forced to turn the new page of life by the new winds of modernization and civilization.

It all starts with Gihanga’s falling into the traps of love at first sights, downhearted towards a royal-beautiful-lassy, sassy sparked by the cheering at the bus stops near Karagwe University as the man speedily asked her a drop-off.

While taking her home in his lavish air-conditioned car the self-intimacy stirred and then the material love was awoken and everything went on and on smoothly.

The novel characterizes Gihanga, a fictional character as an example of the conservative figure clinging to the old way of witchcraft and spirit worship in the imaginary kingdom of Mubari which the writer antagonistically uses, with Princess Muganwa, Gihanga’s as a game changer.

Muganwa’s character in the book is a bringer of hope and tries to create a room for modern lifestyles in the pre-colonial kingdom of Mubari.

The writer

In the book “Fall of gods” the audience are driven with mind-boggling to the places and love-state-affairs of the ancient, the commixture of the old and new as well as the crafty characterization.

Gihanga and Muganwa are reared in different family setting but romance them together but alongside fights, scuffles and then mediocrity between traditionalism and modernism.

The merging of lifestyles made Gihanga and Princess Muganwa fall into an unwanted phenomenon and euphoria of bad and good, tragi-comic and cognitive learning of the world environment’s, trials, near-break-up experiences, love triangle circus, fracas and sagas and finally adoption and attitudinal change of morals and behavioral change.

The couples romance each other and their love is so strong to win on many fronts but the challenges of irreconcilable differences and dissimilarities pulls them apart throughout the process.

When the couple’s marriage is just new, the extra-marital saga hits, as Princess Muganwa is emotionally attaching back to her childhood boyfriend, the saga which the royal wizard, overseers and wiseacres are trying to manipulate to the downfall of Muganwa by turnishing her name because they jealously suspect she would inherit the father’s kingdom.

The royal wizard’s manipulation however to turnish Princess Muganwa’s image conversely entraps them as Muganwa proves their witchcraft wrong and vague. And this triggers the ‘major sparking’ factor for the end of spirit worship and the end of their influence to the Mubari people and henceforth triggering the coming of the reign of science.

The book fantasizes the mirage of old rich history of tradition as well as the dangers of cultural imperialism and the quest for the unpreserved heritages from dressing, language, marriage, foods and other strongholds of folks perishing in the mire beyond extrication.

The author

Francis Byaruhanga is a lawyer  by training and journalist who served various newspapers including The NewTimes. In 2010, he took the national high school exams and passed with excellency which earned him a scholarship to study law at University of Rwanda.

At school between 2012-2015, he participated in various national and international writing competitions such as ‘The Role of Lawyers in Economic Development and Development’ and Certificate in Lex Lead Essay Competition 2014 ‘Lawyers for Economic Growth and Development’.

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