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FERWAFA Polls: Gacinya Candidacy Overturned Days After Being Cleared

Integrity issues cited.

by Edmund Kagire
10:24 am

Gacinya will not run in in FERWAFA ExCom elections.

Just two days after he was cleared to run in the Rwanda Football Federation (FERWAFA) polls, former Rayon Sports President Chance Denys Gacinya candidacy has been overturned again by the electoral commission citing integrity issues.

In a U-turn move, the commission reversed the decision to allow Gacinya to participate in the elections for the FERWAFA technical team scheduled for June 24. He was vying for the post of Vice President.

Gacinya’s initial bid had been rejected because his file lacked some required documents.Gacinya appealed and submitted the missing requirements, and the businessman was given a greenlight to contest. However, the electoral commission says that after reviewing his submissions again, they concluded that he lacked the integrity to compete for such a position.

“Based on your letter dated 26/05/2023, which you submitted to us in the nomination file for the position of the second Vice President in charge of technical affairs in the elections of the Executive Committee of FERWAFA scheduled for 24/06/2023;
Based on Article 27 of the FERWAFA bylaws, which gives the Electoral Commission the mandate to verify the Integrity of candidates for executive committee positions be before they are elected,”

“Based on the requirement of a criminal record that shows whether one was convicted before or not by the courts of law, it is indicated in your submissions that you have been convicted of a crime before (Criminal conviction), on 01/04/2022 for for forgery and abuse or misuse of confidence,” a letter seen by KT Press reads.

Gacinya had appealed his initial exclusion.

It adds that considering that FIFA laws override those that govern the local federations, an assessment done showed that he did not meet the integrity requirements to run for such a position.

“After an integrity assessment carried out by the Electoral Commission, we are writing to inform you that you do not meet the integrity requirements to allow you to contest for a position in the FERWAFA Executive Committee in accordance with the Code of Conduct of the FIFA Disciplinary Code, 2023 Edition,” the letter signed by all commission members reads.

The electoral commission led by Adolphe Kalisa had initially excluded Gacinya, who previously served as Rayon Sports President between 2014 and 2017. His omission caused quite some noise on social media platforms, with many accusing the electoral commission of eliminating competent people with a record in football.

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