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Fuel Pump Price Declines Slightly

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
11:39 pm

The Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority has reviewed fuel pump price slightly downward, a move that could be most welcome among the car owners.

The petrol’s pump price was brought to Rwf 1,517 per liter down from Rwf1,528 which was set in April 2023, while diesel goes for Rwf 1,492  per liter down from Rwf1,518 of the same period of the year.

The cost of fuel has kept reducing since a couple of months, despite the Russia-Ukraine war which was most blamed on the hikes.

In February 2023, the petrol pump price was Rwf 1544 per liter against Rwf 1562 for diesel.

RURA said the decline was mainly possible thanks to Rwanda’s subsidy in the sector, but for the current price, the communique from RURA suggests that the decline follows reduction of price on the international market.

Rwanda updates pump price every two months given the shortage of storage which obliges the importers to bring provisions that can only last for two months.

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