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Rwanda, Comoros Agree To Further Development Cooperation Through Agencies

by Edmund Kagire
6:05 am

Bazi, left and Amb. Nkulikiyinka share files after the signing ceremony on June 21.

Rwanda and Comoros have agreed to strengthen further development cooperation through agencies that will link the two countries following an agreement that was signed between Rwanda Cooperation and the International Cooperation Agency of the Comoros.

The two entities, represented by their heads, penned a Memorandum of Understanding on Wednesday June 21, which will see them join forces to work together in key areas of development for the benefit of the people of the two countries.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Amb. Christine Nkulikiyinka the signing of this MoU signified the formalization of the commitment to collaborate and cooperate more in pursuit of a common goal in the framework of South-South and Triangular Cooperation.

“It is a testament to our shared values and the recognition that by joining forces, we can achieve far more than we could individually,”

The signing of the MoU between Rwanda Cooperation and ACCI will further strengthen cooperation between the two countries.

“This agreement opens up new avenues of cooperation, fostering innovation, knowledge exchange, and mutual growth taking advantage and building on the similarities existing between us, between our two countries, between our two people,” Amb. Nkulikiyinka said.

She pointed out that in today’s rapidly changing world, collaboration has become more critical than ever, because no single organization or country can tackle the complex challenges the world faces today, on their own.

“By coming together, we leverage our strengths, pool our resources, and combine our expertise to drive meaningful change and make a lasting impact towards the respective national visions and agenda and towards the African Agenda 2063,”

“This MoU serves as a framework for our collaboration, outlining the areas of cooperation, including but not limited to capacity building and training, women and Youth empowerment, Diaspora, digital solution and good governance,” added.

Amb. Nkulikiyinka said the MoU which was signed will establish a solid foundation for effective communication, trust, and mutual understanding for the two organisations to embark on a journey of exploration, learning, and growth, discovering new possibilities and realizing the shared vision of Africa many desire.

Amb. Nkulikiyinka said there is a lot the two countries can share.

She said the MoU provides a roadmap through which Rwanda Cooperation and the Comorian agency, known in French as Agence Comorienne de Coopération Internationale (ACCI), will work together, moving from just the agreement to actions.

On her part, Fatoumia Ali Bazi, the Director General of ACCI, said that the signing of the MoU comes six months after the signing of the framework cooperation agreement between the Union of the Comoros and Rwanda, which the two countries are looking to put into concrete terms.

“We hope that the signing of this MOU between Rwanda Cooperation and the Comorian International Cooperation Agency will revitalize fruitful cooperation between our two countries,”

“We strongly believe in the virtues of South-South and Triangular cooperation, which is defined by solidarity, the sharing of best practices, of experiences, and mutual support, and in this sense, Rwanda has a lot to share,”

Bazi said that Rwanda has become a world reference in terms of development and, above all, a champion of good governance.

“We are going to work together for effective regional integration. As you all know, the Union of the Comoros holds the presidency of the African Union, and the realization of the African Continental Free Trade Area remains a priority of our mandate,”

Bazi said that President Paul Kagame said it so well, that the history of Africa has been written by others and Africans must own their problems and find solutions and write our own history.

The ACCI is a government agency responsible for coordinating and implementing the Comoros’ international cooperation initiatives. Its main objective is to foster partnerships and collaboration with other countries, international organisations and development agencies to promote socio-economic development in the Comoros.

Bazi said Comoros can learn many lessons from Rwanda journey of progress, championed by President Kagame.

The agency plays a crucial role in facilitating technical and financial assistance, as well as promoting investment opportunities, trade relations and cultural exchanges between Comoros and other nations.

In Rwanda, Bazi was received by senior officials in different institutions including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Rwanda Governance Board, Rwanda Social Security Board, Rwanda TVET Board, Irembo, and YouthConnekt.

Discussions with these institutions mainly focused on Diaspora mobilisation for national development, social protection mechanisms such as Ubudehe and the Community-based Health Insurance (Mutuelles de Santé), e-Government service provision, and youth empowerment.


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