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Social Media Writers Visit the National Liberation Museum

by Janvier Ruzindana
1:14 am

The visitors in front of the tour guide

About 200 young people known as social media influencers visited the Mulindi Liberation Museum to learn more about the history of the RPF Inkotanyi and why there was a struggle to liberate the country and stop the Genocide against the Tutsis.

An estimarte 200 social media writers commonly social media influencers have visited the National Liberation museum where they learnt about the Rwanda’s liberation and the young people who were ready to shed their blood to save the country from the oppressors.

This event took place on Sunday, July 9, 2023, amid this liberation week that starts on July 4.

Niyomugabo Dieu d’Amour, known as DJ Diddyman

Alphonsine Mukamana, the tour guide said that the museum is important because “it is a testament of how far Rwanda is coming from.”

She explained to the Social media users how those who took part in the liberation struggle were predominantly young people who had the country at heart, to an extent that they offered to shed their blood if needed be, provide that Rwanda can recover from the oppression of the division.

Ishimwe Karangwa Claude who is one of the social media influencers also known as MweneKarangwa, the organizer of this trip said that they did it with the aim of learning the history of the bravery of  RPF Inkotanyi in liberating the country so they can explain it to others.

“As young people, we should also contribute to the country. This requires a spirit of unity, we have heard many messages, I would like to suggest to those who come here to share with their friends on social media what they have learned that patriotism does not end with being in the army, but with doing what you are responsible for and doing it well”.

One of the social media influencers Niyomugabo Dieu d’Amour, known as DJ Diddyman said that learning about the history of liberating the country means a lot as young people.

“The youth have wide facility to learn; our mins is a traffic of the good and the evil sometimes. So, when we’re told the true story like this, it empowers us in keeping country’s achievements and to avoid those who want to hold us back,” Niyomugabo said.

The vice Mayor of Gicumbi District in charge of economic Affairs Uwera Parfaite, in welcoming these social media influencers asked them to use their platforms to tell Rwanda’s true story.

he vice Mayor of Gicumbi District in charge of economic Affairs Uwera Parfaite

She said, “Explaining history to the youth is something good but it is even more relevant for them to be on ground and experience themselves. We expect that they will use the things they have learnt to explain to the world,” she said.

Rwanda Liberation Museum known as Umulindi w’ Intwari in Gicumbi District showcases the liberation struggle of the country by Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF- Inkotanyi).

Among many structures is  a banker of  the commander of the army that liberated Rwanda, president Paul Kagame.

This is the second time that the social media influencers organize this trip to learn more about history of country liberation. Last year they visited the Campaign Against Genocide Museum (CAG), which is located at the Parliamentary Buildings in Kimihurura.


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