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Seven Arrested over Concealing Information On Bodies of Genocide Victims

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
12:51 pm

The pit latrine where bodies were found

Seven people from Manwali cell of Mbazi sector in Nyamagabe, Southern Rwanda are answering questions in relation to a yet unidentified number of bodies that were found in a pit latrine beneath a house that was intentionally built to hid information about their whereabouts.

The house was built by Mbonyumukiza Felicien, a resident of the area since several decades now and was using it for commercial purposes.

News about the bodies started leaking when the area residents started seeing the house presenting cracks, until they noted that it was built on a pit latrine.

This information reminded them the complaint of one Mukaryimbwiye Consolée, a genocide survivor of the area who used to maintain that, from a roadblock in that area, her parents and brothers were killed and dumped to a yet unidentified pit.

“Mukaryibwiye used to plead the area residents to tell her the whereabouts of her father and two brothers who were killed at the roadblock, in vain,” the executive secretary of Mbazi Valens Ndagijimana told kigali today, our sister website.

On August 26, when the leaks about the house cracking reached the executive secretary, they reached out to the filed and indeed, found bodies in a deep pit latrine, which, suggests the official, was dug for the intention of dumping the Tutsi during the 1994 Genocide.

“When he asked why he concealed this information, he denied having known that there were bodies in his plot. Yet, information that were gathered earlier can show that before the Genocide, he had a house in ten minutes from that new house. Worse, his home was adjacent to the roadblock where many tutsi were killed,” the Mbazi official said.

Nkurikiyimana 53, was therefore arrested alongside six other people who are former convicts on genocide crimes, including: Nsengimana Isaie 51, Nteziryayo Faustin 60, Murigande André 69, Munyambuga Gaspard 55, Bizimana Innocent 55, and Mbonyumukiza Félicien 67.

Another one, Faustin Nkurunziza is still at large.

According to the Executive secretary, the bodies were damaged to an extent that it is still difficult to establish the number of the victims in the pit.

Search of more bodies in the pit proceeds, and does the investigation on the people suspected to be behind the death of the victims.

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