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Former Governor CG Gasana Appeals to Intermediate Court Against Earlier Denial of Bail

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
2:58 pm

The Nyagatare intermediate court today heard the appeal of former Governor of Eastern Province CG(Rtd) Emmanuel Gasana who was put on remand following a corruption case filed against him by prosecution.

On November 15, the Nyagatare Primary Court put the former governor on remand after ruling that there were substantial reasons to believe that the allegations of asking and accepting illegal favors and abuse of office were found. 

In the pre-trial hearing, ten days earlier, Gasana had requested to be released on bail claiming that he had incurable diseases that would affect him negatively if he stayed behind bars.

He said he could not escape as per the prosecution allegations, because he “served the country loyally and time has come to enjoy the fruits of his services.”

Today, Gasana who challenged the decision of primary court appeared in court clad in purple short sleeve short and a short, all in pink, the uniform of Rwanda’s prisoners.

This was on black leather shoes and socks. He was heavily guarded to an extent that it was not possible for the media to grab a picture of him, as in previous hearings.

“The primary court disregarded the reasons I presented before court,” said CG Gasana.

Gasana looked tired, to an extent that he asked to speak while sited. In the middle of the hearing, he asked to go take his medicine, a permission that was granted to him, which meant a break.

When he returned, the trial resumed in front of an approximate 30 people including parties in the trial and his family which would look at him with compassion.

While remanding Gasana, the primary court had stated that the former general in RDF and Commissioner General of Police, he has experience in intelligence which means he would be able  to sabotage investigations.

The court further said that there are possibilities that if released, Gasana could escape justice. 

As of the case of illness, the court said that the prison system allows for treatment of inmates.

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