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Two Traditional Generations to Meet in One Concert

by Natasha Kamanzi
2:06 pm

Cecile Kayirebwa(M) and fellow artists at the press conference

The closing concert of MTN Muzika festival 2023 will bring together traditional artistes including Muyango, Cecile Kayirebwa who have been doing it for more than 40 years, queen of inanga Sophia Nzayisenga, singers Ruti Joel and Cyusa Ibrahim and a traditional troop Ibihame by’Imana.

In a press conference, Ruti Joel said that he is proud and honored to be performing in the same concert for the first time with legends he considers as parents in traditional music.

“Mama Cecile and Muyongo are my parents because I grew up listening to them. I grew up on their music that I loved and today it is my work and passion. Performing on the same stage with them is a blessing for me.”

Muyango, who has been singing traditional music for more than 50 years, one of the elderly but still creating new works said that he has no worries about the traditional music because it is in good hands of a young talented generation that is making art.

“We did not do it alone because today there is Cyusa, Ruti to name a few among many others making good art and music at large,” he said.

Gathering the old and young generation of traditional artists on one stage is one of the proofs that even when the elders are not able to create anymore the younger ones have the talent and ability to continue unhindered.

The queen of inanga Sophia Nzayisenga, who recently won the first prize at the Le guess Festival in the Netherlands said that wherever the Rwandan culture gets, it dominates. This international festival brings together more than 200 artists who perform music related to their own traditions.

All these artists are expected at the closing concert of the ‘MTN Iwacu Muzika Festival’ which will be held in the  on Sunday November 26, 2023 at the BK arena.

All these artists who participated in the press conference said that they are very ready to perform for Rwandans, promising that everyone who will attend the show will come home satisfied.

“There is no better feeling than performing for an audience that understands your art and language with no need of translating,” say Cecile Kayirebwa.

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