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Remains of 15 Genocide Victims Found In Nyabugogo

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
10:50 am

A photo of one of the victims

Remains of at least 15 Genocide victims of the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi were found in Nyabugogo, opposite kwa Mutangana market in Kigali.

They were found during on December 5 the repair of a water pipe by the workers from Water and Sanitation Authority(WASAC) in the area adject to the main road Muhima-Nyabugogo.

When they found signs that the pipe was probably going through a mass grave, they alerted local leaders who were joined by the nearby community to start the search.

At a sudden, remains of two victims were found which triggered more search on December 6 which resulted in more findings.

In the process, the Muhima sector officials in collaboration with Rwanda Investigation Bureau(RIB) pushed further to get more information on these victims.

They were directed one Andre Mugabarigira, a genocide convict who served and finished his jail sentence.

Mugabarigira said that among the victims of the Genocide who were killed around that place and whose remains could be in that mass grave is a young boy who could a nephew of current Minister of Rwanda’s foreign Affairs and international cooperation, Vincent Biruta.

Witnesses told Kigali Today, that Mugabarigira alias Kiyovu was given an order to shoot dead the child who was studying at Primary Five for whom he was a godfather.

“He was given an a gun and told to shoot the child dead or else be killed himself,” said a witness.

The family confirmed the child who died in those circumstance to be Hagenimana Yves who was famously known as Macari.

Mugabarigira confessed having killed the child at a hundred meters near the place the remains were found. There was a roadblock where the Tutsiwere arrested and killed during the Genocide, he said adding however, that he cannot be certain whether indeed, the child in question was thrown in that particular mass grave.

Local leaders and genocide survivors association decided to halt the search until they finish to gather testimonies/information around the killing in that place.

On top of remains of the victims, the search showed a travel document-passport that allegedly belonged to a genocide victim.

They also found clothes that have started to decompose, four bullets and a rope.

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