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Guinea Leader Gen. Doumbouya Expected In Rwanda For A Working Visit

by Edmund Kagire
8:15 pm

President Kagame and President Doumbouya addressed a press conference on April 19, 2023, during which latter promised to visit Rwanda.

Guinea’s transition leader Gen. Mamady Doumbouya is expected in Rwanda for a one-day working visit aimed at strengthening bilateral ties between the two countries.

Guinea’s Presidency announced on Wednesday that Doumbouya, who was promoted to the rank of ‘General of Army Corps’ this week according to reports, will be in Rwanda to reciprocate a visit by President Paul Kagame last year in April, during which the two leaders agreed to strengthen bilateral and diplomatic ties.

Rwanda is yet to confirm the visit but while in Rwanda, Gen. Doumbouya is expected to hold talks with President Kagame and also officially open his country’s embassy in Kigali. He will also visit Kigali Genocide Memorial at Gisozi to pay his respects to victims of the 1994 Genocide against  Tutsi.

During President Kagame’s visit, the two countries agreed to work together to address challenges they face and rely on each other’s attributes to advance socioeconomic development, with the Head of State stating that Rwanda and Guinea share a lot in common.

President Kagame said the two countries can share knowledge and expertise, since each country cannot find all the resources it needs to do what it has to do.

“Therefore working together can be a more sustainable way to deal with the issues countries face, tapping into the strengths of one another. No one has everything needed, all in one place, to succeed alone. So, cooperation in different fields is indispensable,” President Kagame said at the time.

Gen. Doumbouya, who has been in office since 2021, has been hailed for his efforts to restore peace and stability in Guinea and working towards the development of the West African country but he remains under pressure to handover power to civilian rule.

During President Kagame’s visit, Gen. Doumbouya reiterated his desire to strengthen bilateral relations between the two countries, accepting the invitation for his guest to visit Rwanda. He pointed out that Guinea has a lot to learn from Rwanda and the bridge created through the new cooperation framework will enable that.

During the visit, the two leaders held talks to explore ways to collaborate in areas of mutual interest before witnessing the signing of a Joint Cooperation Agreement and Agreement on ICT Cooperation by respective Ministers in their delegations. The two countries signed cooperation agreements.

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