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How To Save Lives With Social Media And Blood Donation

by Magnifique Migisha
2:32 pm

One post on social media got me fired up, and next thing I knew, I was rushing to the blood donation center. There I was, rolling up my sleeves, eager to do my part in saving lives. And you know what’s even better? When I arrived, I saw a bunch of other people who were inspired by that same post, ready to do good too.

Blood donation is a critical lifeline, and it is a fact that shows the special heart of blood donors, often serving as the difference between life and death for those in need. The simple act of donating blood has the power to save lives and bring hope to those facing medical emergencies. Yet, despite its profound importance, blood shortages, especially for rare blood types, can present significant challenges in the healthcare system. In an inspiring initiative this week, the Rwanda Biomedical Centre (RBC) used the power of social media to rally potential blood donors and amplify awareness surrounding the urgent need for blood donation.

This week, I was visiting different media posts on X, Dr. Thomas Muyombo, the Division Manager of the Blood Transfusion Division at RBC, took to X, a popular social media platform in Rwanda, to issue a compelling call to action. His request targeted individuals with the O Rh negative blood type, and RBC emphasized its universal compatibility and critical role in emergencies. The post quickly gained momentum with reactions, comments, and shares from Rwandan X users. Here in Rwanda most X users are young people, and some of my friends reposted his post, which confirm the power and how significant was his post.

Dr. Muyombo’s message was so powerful, and I felt moved to take action. Without hesitation, I made my way to the RBC’s blood transfusion centre, where I encountered fellow donors. Many of them shared that they, too, had been inspired by the social media post to join in the effort and donate blood.

The evolving landscape of communication underscores the essential role digital platforms play in society to save lives. Nowadays some of the young generations are using social media channels by not contributing strong messages to save people’s lives, but it must change. By using these platforms effectively, we can easily amplify messages to save the lives of our fellow citizens and support our healthcare initiatives like blood donation. So, next time you see a call to action on social media, consider the impact you can make by taking action.

As I sat in the blood donation chair, I reflected and thought that what I was doing could potentially help someone in need, while donating blood I did not feel any discomfort or pain, and the nurse at the blood donation centre warned me if I felt any pain to tell her. This is a fact that proves that donating blood is a very fantastic moment for blood donors.

A survey by the Rwanda Biomedical Centre revealed that only 38% of respondents had engaged in blood donation. However, recent statistics show positive progress, with the hospital blood supply in Rwanda standing impressively at 99.42% in 2022. Of the 78,838 blood units donated, 27.24% were contributed by youth aged 18-25 years. Notably, the most prevalent donor group was O+ contributing 39,558 blood units, while O- and AB- donated 7,611 and 145 units, respectively.

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Digital marketing embodies a diverse array of online channels and strategies tailored to reach target audiences, fostering meaningful connections and driving actionable outcomes. Unlike traditional marketing modalities reliant on offline mediums like print and broadcast, digital marketing offers unparalleled quickness enabling practitioners to deliver personalized, data-driven campaigns to reach directly to the targeted individuals on a profound level. Digital marketing also through social media including X, might be a better way that convert a large audience so that one’s campaign reaches far and fast.

The potential influence of digital marketing in blood donation extends beyond mere awareness-raising, encompassing the entire donor journey from initial outreach to post-donation engagement. Through targeted messaging and tailored content, on even different social media channels those in charge of blood donation can demystify the donation process, alleviating fears and misconceptions that may deter potential donors. Furthermore, by cultivating a culture of gratitude and recognition, digital marketing initiatives can nurture long-term relationships with blood donors.

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