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Rwanda Ranked Top Among 10 Safest Countries in Africa

by Daniel Sabiiti
5:06 pm

City dwellers participate in a Kigali Night Run event

Rwanda has been ranked once again as the first among Africa’s top 10 safest countries on the continent, a reputable report findings indicate.

According to a Numbeo, “Africa: Crime Index by Country 2024” report, countries like Rwanda, and Ghana are among the safest in the world, having a relatively low crime index and high safety index.

Numbeo is one of the world’s most profound data and research platforms. The organisation said that this improvement is a “testament to commitment to safety, peace, and stability on the continent”.

The Crime Index provided by Numbeo is based on user-contributed data and perceptions, which may differ from official government statistics.

Rwanda comes first among the top ten countries with a 73.2% Safety index, beating the next top country Ghana (56.1%) by 17.1 points.

Despite the conflict in Sudan, which has a crime index of 45.4%, the country managed to come among the top ten.

Among other top ten Africa’s safest countries: Tunisia 55.6%, Sudan 54.6%, Zambia 53.6%, Morocco 53.3%, Egypt 52.7%, Mauritius 52.2%, Ethiopia 49.2%, Botswana 47.8%.


Kigali has safe spaces to hang out

Numbeo’s crime Index takes into account survey responses about the general perception of crime levels, survey responses from residents and visitors regarding their feelings of safety while walking during daylight and at night.

The survey considers worries regarding mugging, robbery, car theft, physical attacks by strangers, harassment in public places, and discrimination based on factors like skin color, ethnicity, gender, or religion, assessment of the extent of property-related crimes, such as burglary, theft, vandalism, etc.

Women feel safer in Kigali even during the night

The survey also does an evaluation of the perception of violent crimes, including assault, homicide, sexual offenses, etc.

Its safety index is quite the opposite of the crime index. If the city has a high safety index, it is considered very safe.

EAC Neighboring Countries:

The report says: “direct benefits to citizens, low crime rates in African nations have more nuanced advantages”

For instance, the East African Community regional member states were not able to come close as a result of a high crime index rate and low safety net. For example Kenya had 56.5% crime rate and a safety index of 43.5% while Uganda respectively had 55% and 45% and Tanzania scored 54.8% and 45.2%.

In Africa, South Africa tops with a high crime index of 75.4% followed by Angola (66.5%), Somalia (65.2%), and Nigeria (66.1%). Others with a high crime index above 60% include: Mozambique (63.7%), Cameroon (63.9%), Namibia (63.8%), Zimbabwe (61%) and Libya (60.4%).

The report said that beyond the direct benefits to citizens, low crime rates in African nations have more nuanced advantages.

“For starters, they provide the groundwork for long-term growth by drawing in foreign investors and skilled professionals. Having an identity that guarantees safety contributes to the continent’s ongoing journey toward prosperity and global recognition,” Numbeo said.

Kigali Convention Centre (KCC) during the night

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