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EdTech Monday Returns With Focus On Investment And Evaluation Of Digital Tools

by Williams Buningwire
11:20 am

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The EdTech Monday program will be back on air today, Monday, March 2024, with discussions focused on how to invest in development and assessment of digital tools at all levels, in the education sector, for better outcomes.

The hour-long monthly program which is aired on KT radio, and will also be live streamed on Kigali Today’s YouTube channel from 6PM to 7PM, bringing together experts and officials in the studio to discuss the pertinent topic.

EdTech Monday is a joint program of the Mastercard Foundation Centre for Innovative Teaching and Learning in ICT and the Rwanda ICT Chamber. The program aims to promote technology in improving education and learning.

Themed “Investing in the development and assessment of digital evaluation tools at all education levels” the coming edition also aims to leverage digital tools to achieve equality and equity in education.

“The integration of digital evaluation tools in Rwanda’s education system has been part of a broader strategy to modernize teaching and learning practices. Initiatives such as the Smart Classrooms Program, launched by the Rwandan government in partnership with various stakeholders, have aimed to equip schools with digital resources and infrastructure,” the program guide from Mastercard Foundation reads.

“Additionally, teacher training programs have been implemented to enhance educators’ capacity to effectively utilize digital tools in their teaching practices. While significant progress has been made, challenges such as limited access to technology and internet connectivity in remote areas persist, impacting the equitable adoption of digital evaluation tools,” the program guide also reads.

Three panelists are expected to participate in the show; Asher Emmanuel Mutijima, Division Manager in charge of digital technologies at Rwanda TVET Board, Diane Sengati, Head of ICT in education at Rwanda Basic Education Board (REB), and Dieudonne Irafasha, CEO of Diolichat company.

Ines Nyinawumuntu will moderate the talk show, asking several questions on how to invest and assess digital tools for better learning outcomes in schools and colleges.

Some of the program guide questions include the challenges and opportunities in the development and integration of digital evaluation tools within Rwanda’s education system, key factors influencing the adoption of digital evaluation tools among teachers and students in Rwanda, and how digital evaluation tools be tailored to meet the diverse needs of learners across different education levels in Rwanda?

The panelists are also expected to give their insights on what role do EdTech entrepreneurs play in driving innovation and improving the effectiveness of digital evaluation tools in Rwanda’s education landscape, and how the Ministry of Education collaborates with partners to support the development and implementation of digital evaluation tools nationwide?



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