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Rwanda’s Green Growth Impact Could Be Shared With Others- Green Climate Fund Boss

by Daniel Sabiiti
4:34 pm

CGF Executive Director, Mafalda Duarte (left) shaking hands with PM Ngirente, at his office in Kigali, Rwanda

The Executive Director of the Green Climate Fund (GCF), Mafalda Duarte, has paid a courtesy call to Rwanda’s Prime Minister, Dr. Édouard Ngirente where the two officials discussed future collaboration in green growth.

Duarte has been in Rwanda since the beginning of this week to attend the 38th GCF Board meeting and the first meeting in 2024, which was held in Kigali, Rwanda from 4-7 March.

The GCF approved eleven project funding proposals requesting a total of $500million of GCF funding.

These include six adaptation projects, one mitigation project, and four cross-cutting projects in Peru, Madagascar, Cambodia, Pakistan, Ghana, Sierra Leone, India, Belize, Cook Islands- in the South Pacific Ocean and other cross-cutting and multiple country projects

Seven of the funding proposals target vulnerable countries (Least Developed Countries (LDCs), Small Island Developing States (SIDS), and African States). With co-financing, the funding proposals under consideration have a total value of $1.26 billion.

The meeting also accredited new eight additional entities that will become their partners (making the total reach 128 accredited entities) and also approved strategic and policy documents to guide the CGF activities in the next years.

The GCF is the world’s largest multilateral climate fund with 254 projects worth $14billion in 129 developing countries including Rwanda, which has been one of the countries that secured some of this funding.

For example, in 2021, Rwanda signed a funding agreement with GCF and International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) to transform the Eastern Province through climate adaptation, with a GCF contribution of  $33.7 million and an additional $15.8 million in co-financing from the Government of Rwanda and project partners.


CGF’s Duarte (2nd left) met with PM Dr. Ngirente (middle) in Kigali this March 7, 2024

Duarte met with Dr. Ngirente in Kigali this March 7, 2024 to appreciate Rwanda’s hospitality in hosting the Board meeting, but also revisit progress made with GCF funding.

Duarte stated that Rwanda is an excellent partner for CGF among many national governments and national entities which work with the fund.

“Actually our first national accredited entity was the ministry (of environment) here in Rwanda and so they have been a great partner, and I think the government of Rwanda has been extremely successful at working with us, I am sure with other partners as well,” Duarte said.

Duarte explained that “this is because Rwanda has been very reliable and resourceful in soliciting green growth funds and delivering several projects in the CGF to the extent that some board members indicated that Rwanda should share more of its example with other countries.”

Duarte also noted that they choose Rwanda as the host of the 38th CGF Board Meeting because Rwanda is a great partner who has something that the CGF can show off in terms of impact.

Environment Minister- Dr. Jeanne d’Arc Mujawamariya, Mafalda Duarte, PM Ngirente, along with CGF Head of Communications, Stephanie Speck and Elias Turatsinze- Acting Director of Cabinet in the Office of the Prime Minister.

Speaking to media on behalf of the Prime Minister, the Minister of Environment- Dr. Jeanne d’Arc Mujawamariya said that the CGF team will be visiting some of the CGF funded activities which include the Green Gicumbi Project.

The 6-year Green Gicumbi project has seen impact in activities of: Watershed Protection and Climate Resilient Agriculture; Sustainable Forest Management and Sustainable Energy; Climate Resilient Settlements and Knowledge Transfer and Mainstreaming.

For instance, 850 hectares (Ha) of progressive terraces and 600Ha radical terraces, 3 automated weather stations have been established, and 1,107Ha of degraded forests rehabilitated, while and 23,000 green jobs created – 52% women, 48% men.

Others include: 25,400 improved cooking stoves distributed and 10 domestic biogas units constructed as pilot, over 3.3million high quality seedlings raised in time and planted, 8,142 check-dams constructed in gullies and 16,913 Ha of infiltration ditches established and 100 Climate resilient dwelling units constructed to accommodate vulnerable families relocated from high risk zones.

In knowledge sharing, the project has 7,215 beneficiaries trained on climate change adaptation and different climate resilient practices, 670 Community Volunteers and youth equipped with knowledge and tools to foster awareness on climate change adaptation and participation.

Duarte (right) and her Head of Communications, Speck noted the need for more funding for Rwanda’s future projects- in forest tree planting, renewable cooking energy

Minister Mujawamariya extended her gratitude to the CGF for their vital role and commitment to funding transformative climate projects in Rwanda and beyond.

“The information I have is that the visiting CGF team is impressed with what they are seeing on ground, to have firsthand testimonies from beneficiaries and the impact of the fund instead of hearing it from officials,” Mujawamariya said.

Mujawamariya said that the CGF was also impressed by Rwanda’s determination to choose- Unity, Thinking Big and being Accountable- which are guiding principles of the country but also evident on ground according the CGF Executive Director.

The Minister revealed during the meeting with the PM, Rwanda requested the CGF boss for more funding for future projects- in forest tree planting, renewable cooking energy- of which Duarte said they will be considered by the board.

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