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APR’s Men, Women Basketball Sides Crowned 2024 Genocide Memorial Tourney Winners

by Amon Nuwamanya
3:48 pm

APR Men’s basketball team players pose for with the Genocide Memorial Tournament trophy.

APR’s women and men basketball clubs have been crowned winners of the just concluded 2024 Genocide Memorial Tournament, emerging victorious in the over fellow finalists Patriots BBC and REG WBBC in the men’s and women’s categories respectively.

The tournament, held over two days at the BK Arena, saw APR BBC defeating Patriots BBC 86-63 while APR women basketball club secured a hard-fought victory against REG WBBC, clinching the title with a score of 86-81 in honor of those who lost their lives during the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsis.

In the men’s category, Patriots BBC initially took the lead, bolstered by new additions including Turatsinze Olivier of Espoir Basketball Club and Nijimbere Guibert who currently serves as Kepler BBC point guard but APR swiftly turned the tide with stellar performances from Ntore Habimana and William Robeyns, who came up with a flurry of three-pointers to turn things around.

By the end of the first quarter, APR BBC held a commanding 25-17 lead over Patriots BBC.

The game between APR and Patriots was a tense affair.

APR BBC maintained their momentum in the second quarter , with William and Dario Hunt adding to the scoreboard. Despite efforts from Patriots’ Ndizeye Dieudonné and Hagumintwari Steven, they couldn’t close the gap.

At halftime, APR BBC led Patriots BBC by a significant margin of 44-29.

Patriots BBC staged a comeback in the third quarter, narrowing the gap to 10 points (34-44) with contributions from Turatsinze Olivier and Frank Kamdoh.

APR’s coach, Mazen Trakh, made strategic substitutions to secure their lead, ending the third quarter with APR BBC leading 62-43.

In the final quarter, APR BBC maintained their dominance, securing the title with a final score of 80-63.

In the women’s category, APR also emerged victorious against REG WBBC with a scoreline of 86-81.

APR’s men’s and women’s teams have consistently performed well in tournaments, adding another title to their collection after their previous championship win in 2019 against REG BBC and IPRC respectively.

APR BBC’s Noel Obadiah races past Patriot’s Hagumintwari Steve

Despite missing out in this year’s GMT edition, the Espoir Basketball Club holds a significant numbers in the 34 identified members of the basketball fraternity who lost their lives in the 1994 genocide against the Tutsis.

The identified basketball fraternity members who lost their lives during the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi include Ntarugera Emmanuel “Gisembe” (ESPOIR B.B.C), Rugamba Gustave (ESPOIR B.B.C), Rutagengwa Mayina Aimable (ESPOIR B.B.C, UNR), Rubingisa Emmanuel “Mbingisa” (ESPOIR BBC), Kabeho Augistin “Tutu” (ESPOIR B.B.C), Munyaneza Olivier “Toto” (ESPOIR B.B.C) andNyirinkwaya Damien (Coach, ESPOIR B.B.C), and Mutijima Theogene “Riyanga” (ESPOIR. B.B.C), Murenzi J.M.V. (ESPOIR B.B.C).

Others Hitimana Nice (ESPOIR B.B.C), Mukotanyi Desire (ESPOIR B.B.C), Twagiramungu Felix “Rukokoma” (ESPOIR B.B.C), Mutarema Vedaste (ESPOIR B.B.C), Rutagengwa Jean Bosco (ESPOIR B.B.C), Kamanzi “Major” (ESPOIR B.B.C), Munyawera Raymond (ESPOIR B.B.C), Gatera Yves (ESPOIR B.B.C), Kabayiza Raymond (ESPOIR BBC) as well as Florence “Kadubiri” (MINITRAPE B.B.C).

The list also included Esperance (Nyarugenge BBC, MINITRAPE BBC), Gasengayire Emma (UNR), Mugabo Jean Baptiste (INKUBA BBC, OKAPI BBC), Rutabana (INKUBA BBC, OKAPI BBC), Cyigenza Emmanuel (INKUBA BBC, TERROR BBC), Christian (INKUBA BBC), Rutare Pierre (President, INKUBA BBC), Nshimayezu Esdras (UNR), Nzamwita Tharcisse (MINIJUST BBC), Siboyintore (MINIJUST BBC), and Masabo (Inkuba BBC).

In the women category, APR WBBC faced off with their rivals REG.

APR ladies were victorious.


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