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Pato Banton Launches Ubuntu Spirit Documentary in Rwanda

by Daniel Sabiiti
11:43 am

Pato Banton at the documentary film launch in Kigali

International reggae artist Pato Banton and the Ubuntu crew including his wife, Antoinette “Rootsdawtah” Hall have launched a new documentary film “The Spirit of Ubuntu” that documents bonds and acts of humanity in 10 African countries including Rwanda.

The over one-hour Ubuntu (humanity) documentary was unveiled at the Century Cinema Kigali, this April 2, 2024 with performances from Uganda’s international film award winning group of vulnerable children from Ruth Bahika Grace Villa in Kabale, in Uganda – who featured in the documentary shooting.

The documentary film showcases aspects and initiatives of humanity in ten different countries in Africa including Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi, Kenya, Ghana, Ethiopia, Senegal, Zimbabwe, Nigeria and South Africa.

This humanity documentary was unveiled at the time when Rwandans and the rest of the world prepare to commemorate the 30th commemoration of the 1994 genocide against Tutsi.

It features aspects of humanity by different Africans who narrate their motives to take actions and initiatives of humanity to change their respective communities in a world torn apart by conflict and wars.

These acts of humanity include giving to others without any strings attached or need for payment but and reaching out to others through different acts of humanity by common or privileged Africans.

Pato Banton (middle) awarded some of the women behind the documentary film success in Rwanda and Uganda

For example: In Rwanda, the documentary highlights the story of Discovery International School in Kigali and its founder Alpha Akariza- a Rwandan refugee woman who returns home after the 1994 genocide against Tutsi to contribute to Rwanda’s education quality which offers opportunity to both the rich and poor children.

Akaliza, the School founder, who was also part of the Ubuntu documentary project said she is “Privileged to be part of this different chapter on Africa and to represent Rwanda but also tell the Rwandan story to others,”.

In Uganda, the film focuses on Ruth Kendegye Ndyabahika, a privileged Ugandan Child Psychologist and the founder of Grace Villa who advocates and lobby for the rights of marginalized children from across the country by finding them a place to call home and a decent education.

In Burundi, the documentary shows how Deogratias “Deo” Niyizonkiza, a Burundian-American quit his career in the US to return home to construct a health Complex-Village Health Works with intent towards improving health services for the vulnerable in the country.

In Ghana, the film focuses on the story of Ashesi University founder, Patrick Awuah who decided to quit working at Microsoft to build the school to address the tertiary education and skills gaps where students focus on developing next generation technology and solutions.

Down to South Africa – the documentary show land of opportunities and one place where the Ubuntu army has been created by an Afrikaans (Clint McLean)- also called “the man in a truck)- whose actions bring compassion to others by simple acts of giving himself to others in pain or despair (for example smiling or lifting a weights for another) so as to bring hope amidst poverty.

To promote the Ubuntu spirit, Banton, who is internationally known for the “Go Pato” hit song has ventured in using his music gift to release songs along the them such as: “Ubuntu Now!”, “Prayers For Mama Africa ~ Mohammed Alidu ft. Pato Banton among others.

Performances from international film award winning group of vulnerable children from Grace Villa, in Kabale, Uganda

Banton told KTPress that the documentary is aimed at discovering the Ubuntu spirit in Africa and it is part of his mission as a global citizen to share the spirit of humanity.

“Many people have been inspired by this documentary and I wanna bring it to the West, to let the people in the West know that there is a beautiful philosophy in Africa that can bring more peace and love to the western hemisphere,” Banton said in an exclusive interview.

The launch event also featured performances by Grace Villa children who showcased folk art, songs and dances from all regions of Uganda (western, Eastern, Southern and Northern)

The Grace Villa children’s group is the winner of the music score latitude film award 2023, winner London independent film awards 2024, winner international independent film 2024, Official selection the African film festival 2024 among many others.

Ruth Kendegye Ndyabahika, the lady behind this group said that they choose to participate in the documentary and its launch in Kigali, because it represents their aspirations in life to lift up others.

Ndyabahika also noted that the launch in Kigali is a dream come true for the children, who live near the Rwanda-Uganda border and have been dreaming of crossing to Rwanda to witness the development in the country.


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