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Chairman Kagame ‘Enyanya!’: The West of Rwanda Shows Kagame Much Love

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
4:00 pm

The incumbent Paul Kagame in Rusizi

Paul Kagame, the flag bearer of Rwanda Patriotic Front(RPF) Inkotanyi in the July 15 Presidential Elections was today received by thousands of supporters in Rusizi, a district on the shores of Lake Kivu bordering with Bukavu, DRC.

The community, including Nkombo island dwellers were many, and did not leave their dialect, the Mashi which is more like the language of the other side of the border.

“Egana kwe egana” meaning “a hundred per cent”, Chairman Kagame ‘Enyanya’, meaning “chairman Kagame up! up!” where the chorus of everyone. From the artistes, Abasaamyi ba Nkombo to a successful coffee grower  who testified, and the MC, the chorus was, ‘ni wowe, muzehe wacu’, you are the only one, a hundred per cent, we shall vote for you.

They mentioned development activities, including roads, the airport and the kindness where he contributed to recovery of the region after an earthquake which affected the region in the past.

“As for security, be aware that those who want to sabotage our security will not afford. All they afford is to just wish us bad, but they cannot manage anything from us,” Kagame said.

“We are coming from afar, but we are also going far ahead. There is a lot we wish to achieve, but we will achieve, there is no doubt for that.”

The energetic supporters were very much excited and were interrupting him after every sentence to tell him what they have in their hearts.

He encouraged the youth to work exceptionally hard to go further in achieving much more, but also to “protect all the achievements.”

“That is the responsibility of you, the youth. Forget about those who in the past destroyed the country, for us we cannot afford to build a beautiful house and then destroy it ourselves,” he said.

The incumbent Kagame said that their choice is clear; between those who give you a cow, and the person who promises you to give you one.

“RPF gave you cows, and I hope you will reward the party and its candidate come July 15,” he said.

Kagame promised to continue from what has been achieved in the next term if elected, but the crowd continued to promise that he is the one and only one.

He was in love with their culture that he promised to learn the Mashi language.

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