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Cows Were Cast In Rwanda, RPF Restored Them – Kagame to Rubavu Supporters

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
12:41 pm

The RPF flag bearer in presidential elections has today proceeded with Rubavu city bordering with the Democratic Republic of Congo in the West of Rwanda.

The campaign on its second day was combined with the presentation of parliamentary candidates for the combined elections of July 14-15.

After greeting the cheering border community, Kagame reminded them the history of the country where development was not a preoccupation of the leadership until 1994.

“You talked about RPF Inkotanyi loving you because it gave you cows which are a symbol of love and prosperity. Indeed, RPF was generous to all of us here,” the candidate said.

“Cows were cast in Rwanda, but RPF restored them and gave them to us.”

In early 2000s, Rwanda added to its livestock policy and homegrown solution that allows every citizen, including the poor to own a cow, the one cow per family program-Girinka Munyarwanda.

The program where 400,000 cows have been given out, was launched by the RPF candidate himself and it draws its roots in Kugabira, a system where a family gives to their loved ones a cow.

The cow is thus a symbol of sincere love and friendship bonds, but also a foundation of prosperity.

In Rwandan context and RPF vision, the cow is vital in Agriculture because it gives manure-important for agriculture and milk to fight malnutrition.

The candidate said, there is a way to reward RPF, and it is by considering their presidential candidate and its parliamentary candidates in the upcoming polls. RPF and its coalition has got 80 parliamentary candidates.

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