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Traffic Police Begins Offering Irembo Platform

by Dias Nyesiga
7:59 pm

Traffic Police Begins Offering Services Online

From now onwards, all Traffic Police services will be accessed online at no cost.

Supt. Jean Marie Ndushabandi, the spokesperson of traffic and road safety department, says Irembo platform will save time and costs incurred by the public while accessing services.

In particular, services such as registering for driving tests or exams, which is done via an SMS platform is costly, unalienable and not user-friendly.

With the new online system, through www.irembo.gov.rw, which went live in July 2015, a user will register, then track the process right form acceptance of their request, which comes with a code assigned to them, until they receive their permit, if they pass the exams or test.

Jean Paul  Habumugisha, runs a driving school. He registers his students, but his challenge has always been the failure to receive feedback and to know if there was an error and the cause of the error.

He repeats the process until he gets it right. There is a fee to every trial.

Traffic Police Begins Offering Services Online

“There is at times when you  would register  a client  and  you don’t  get a request or  you get a response that   there was an error  in their national  identity  card  number and the money  is already gone,” Habumugisha said.

If that matter will be fixed, it will become easy to know where the problem is and begin the process again and also save money.

This system can be accessed on all gadgets connected to the internet, including mobile phones on the short code *909#.

Traffic Police Begins Offering Services Online

Supt. Ndushabandi said the technology was provided by RwandaOnline Ltd, a firm contracted by the government to establish an integrated public service platform that will exclusively offer Government to Business (G2B) and Government to Citizen (G2C) services in the country.

“The good thing with  this  program is  that  people can  register…without  incurring any cost, accept for the usual processing fee,”  Supt. Ndushabandi  said.

RwandaOnline has agents across the country to help people register online or via USSD (SMS) for free, as part of the government’s commitment to improve service delivery  while also  creating a   better environment for the  business  community.

“We are moving towards our vision of becoming an information-rich and knowledge-based economy and society, and an ICT hub in the region,” the minister of Youth and ICT, Jean Philbert Nsegimana said.

The goal of RwandaOnline is to ensure all government services can easily be accessed online at no cost, except for the processing fee.

“We want to ensure government services are delivered easily, faster and less costly,” said Sylvere Kubwineza, a project manager from RwandaOnline platform Ltd.

Traffic Police services joins a few more institutions using the platform. Other services already on the platform include applying for a birth certificate, a criminal record clearance certificate, and a trading license.