Maj.Dr. Aimable Rugomwa and co accused Nsanzimfura Mamelito remanded to 30 days in prison
Maj.Dr. Aimable Rugomwa and co accused Nsanzimfura Mamelito remanded to 30 days in prison

The military court in Nyamirambo has remanded Maj.Dr. Aimable Rugomwa and his accomplice to thirty days in prison after postmortem results incriminated them in a murder case.

According to a postmortem conducted, it was found that the murdered victim-Mbarushimana Theogene was hit in the head leading to subsequent fatal death.

“Basing on evidence beyond reasonable doubt from the legal medical expertise it’s clear that the deceased was hit on the head and even sustained a broken skull bone, resulting to his death. This is backed by testimonies of witnesses. Court finds these as enough reason to sentence the suspects,” the Presiding Court judge said.

“This is why we believe that the suspects should be charged with murder” prosecution said.

While appearing in court yesterday, Maj.Dr. Rugomwa said, “I caught that thief and punched him and we fought. He also beat me up and hurt me. I also got a stick and hit him on his back. I don’t agree killing him because he was alive when I called the local leader and other people.”

The incidence happened on September 4th at Ubumwe Village, Rubirizi, Kanombe Sector in Kicukiro District.

Maj.Dr. Rugomwa  had on Tuesday requested court to grant him bail arguing that he was a physician at Kanombe military hospital and had over 150 patients waiting for specialised treatment.

Meanwhile, his brother Nsanzimfura Mamelito had also told court he did not participate in the beating to death of Mbarushimana arguing that he is sick and has been taking medication while resting at his young brothers place.

Part of witness testimonies provided in court also indicated that the RDF soldier and his accomplice managed to have a thorough beat-out of the student leaving him unconscious in a coma about 15 meters away from Maj.Dr. Rugomwa’s home where the incident took place.

The Military Court president said that the available evidence from investigations done, was enough to have suspects sentenced to jail for thirty days and should be charged for manslaughter.

Both suspects have at least five days to appeal this military court decision, before the same court commences an in-depth trial of the case and its final verdict.

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